British Pensions Consultants

No Pension - No Fee

Incorporated in 2004, BPCI is the first consultancy to provide a dedicated Claims Service for British State Pensions. This was started by Tom Hewetson, a ten-year veteran ex-pensions officer trained in the Newcastle Central Pensions office, and my son and partner, Peter.

In the relatively early days of the Internet, and before BPCI, every overseas claimant was expected to correctly complete the complex, 23 page BRI Pension Claim form, largely depending on leaflets and the overworked clerks at the Help Desk.


In 2004, when I did this for myself and my wife, I found that these did not provide enough clear information for even me, with my years of specialised State Pensions knowledge, to make a satisfactory claim. I travelled to Newcastle several times to see what could be done to improve this, and was advised by the designer of the BRI form that he was working on a replacement, computerised, claim form. Having spent 3 years working on the Graduated Pensions computer system in that very office, I could understand the enormity of his task.
Back in Canada, I started to help friends get their pensions. The volume of claims very soon dictated that in early 2005, my son Peter came to join me. Now after eleven years and more, we have processed well over 2,000 successful claims.

What we Do:
We make claims for people who:

But most often, we make claims for people who want to be sure that they receive the best possible pension to which they are legally entitled.

Using our combined 30+ years’ experience, Peter and I find it extremely satisfying to help people receive the maximum possible.

After all, in today’s tough times it behooves us all to get the best UK pension available to us.

This is our right. This is why we paid National Insurance.