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We have countless fascinating testimonials – the ones you see below are just a sample. If you’d like to talk to someone here, let us know and we’ll ask them for permission (for privacy reasons, we can’t give out personal information without it). Check back, we add more testimonials whenever we have a spare moment.


J. & J. H.
Out East
Dec 2015

My wife and I are very grateful for the way Peter and Tom have guided us through the usually impenetrable-to-all maze of obtaining a British Pension. They have always been there to remind us of deadlines, to respond to queries and to explain the different steps that had to be taken.
It has been a huge relief not to have to deal directly with the Pension service.
We would recommend anyone who is eligible for a UK state pension to contact BPCI as soon as possible.

Rural Ontario
Nov 2015

I have just had the pleasure of concluding my business with British Pensions Consultants Inc.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Peter and Tom to assist you on your “journey”.

Their professionalism & knowledge along with their great sense of humour were second to none.

Any questions or concerns were dealt with in a speedy fashion and with clear explanations.

Thank you again

Nov 2015

I have lived in Canada for 34 years. When I left the UK, planning for retirement was a long way off. I essentially burnt my bridges and started afresh in Canada. Then 9 years ago my wife noticed a newspaper ad from Tom Hewetson’s consultancy that seemed to be worth pursuing. Well, that is an understatement to say the least. Tom and Peter have done a fine job in helping us top up what little I had from the UK state pension, with very worthwhile results.
There is no way we could have gained this pension on our own, and did not even know it was possible after such a long time gap since leaving the UK.
I would advise anyone who is considering using their services to do so.
You have nothing to lose, and they are really so pleasant to work with.
Thank you Peter and Tom.

John P
West Vancouver, B.C.
Oct 2015

My wife and I emigrated to Canada from the U.K. fifty years ago and are both now fully retired.  About nine years ago I noticed an advertisement for a Toronto company bearing the title of “British Pension Consultants Inc.” operated  by Tom and Peter Hewetson, a father and son enterprise.  The advertisement suggested that ‘Ex-Pats’, such as ourselves, might be entitled to a British State Pension depending on age and working history in the U.K. prior to emigration.  Tom Hewetson has had extensive experience working at the British Pension Offices in Newcastle and is an authority on the ramifications of pension entitlement and is prepared to evaluate an application for a pension on a “No Pension-No Fee” basis.

With nothing really to lose, but also without any high hopes after over 40 years of being Canadian, we contacted  the company and were pleased to receive a personal call from Tom Hewetson in response.
After the collection of necessary details an application was made to Newcastle by Tom on our behalf and several months later a state pension was awarded to us, fairly meagre in view of our short employment record in the UK of only 3 or 4 years, but still very welcome nonetheless, particularly as it was also unexpected.

One of the reasons I have been determined to write this testimonial to this company is that I very recently heard that pension changes together with tax implications are underway in the U.K. and will be instituted in April 2016.
And so, nine years after I had first contacted “British Pension Consultants” and during which time my wife and I had continued to receive our pensions, I thought to write to the company for their advice on the soon to be instituted UK tax changes and the possible implications for us.
Just as when I had first contacted the company Tom Hewetson telephoned me personally to explain that, at least in our case, pensions would not be subject to any tax withholding measures at source and would continue to be paid as before.
The knowledgeable and personal way that this company does business and the obvious and ongoing care and concern that it shows towards its clients is to be recommended most highly.
Over the years I have put several colleagues in touch with Tom and Peter Hewetson and I hear nothing but praise for the quality of the service they provide.

I urge all ‘Ex Pats’ to seek their advice since you will not know whether you are entitled to a UK State Pension until you try.

Thank you again, Tom and Peter.

Another satisfied medic
Oct 2015

Applying for a UK Pension for Ex Pats can be a minefield 6,000 miles away from Newcastle but there is an excellent source of help available – and that is the excellent services of British Pension Consultants.

Their knowledge of the process involved in securing your entitlement is outstanding and in the end event my wife and I obtained pensions which we doubt we could ever have achieved without the continual support and advice of British Pensions Consultants.

We are confident that Tom and son Peter at British Pension Consultants are more than capable of helping other UK ex pats achieve the same excellent outcome for which we are so grateful.

Keep up the good work and thanks again Tom.

Another very satisfied 80-year-old in Canada!
Sept 2015

I only worked as a secretary for very few years in London before immigrating to Canada in my mid-20s so I certainly was not expecting a British Pension.

I was very surprised to learn from Mr. Hewetson that he could file for a pension for me. He did file for me and I got back pension and ongoing pension payments for me now at age 80!

British Pension Consultants have been very helpful for me and a pleasure to deal with.

Well done and thanks again!

Bill M
from the booth next door at the British Isles Show
Sept 2015

Dear Tom,

My British pension has made a huge difference to us – it is actually more than my CPP pension that I paid big bucks into for years (LOTS MORE than I ever paid to the UK!)

I was amazed as I only worked in the U.K. for seven years and would never have thought that I could have qualified. I am so glad I ran into you. I would recommend your services to anyone.
Please feel free to release my contact information to everyone who could be eligible for British pensions. I will tell them how professional you are and how well it worked out for me.

My very best wishes to you and yours.


Derek and Angela
August 2015

Dear Peter,
As you can tell I’m not much of a writer, but I wanted to say something on your Testimonial page.

My wife and I are extremely happy with what you have accomplished for us.  We cannot thank you enough as we’ll be “sailing off into the sunset” an awful lot happier thanks to you and your Dad.  Both me and Angie are already spreading the word regarding your company – I’m sure that good news travels fast!

Peter, in closing, I hope we meet up sometime in the future (but not to watch them horrible Blue Jays,I might add)

Forever grateful
Derek and Angela

A Canadian national born and living in Toronto
Aug 2015

“I met Tom several years ago on a social basis and learned that he did consulting work on British  Govt
pensions. As a Canadian banker who had worked continuously in the U.K. for a dozen years, I was vaguely aware that I might have a pension coming as I had paid National Insurance premiums
throughout my time there. But how to go about it?
As a Canadian in Toronto, the thought of working on my own through the U.K. tax authorities was daunting.
So I procrastinated, until I talked to Tom.

In very short order, he obtained my rightful British Pension and one for my wife as well.
Tom and Peter did a terrific job, they were thorough and efficient, really a pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend them to any Canadian who has worked for a number of years in the U.K. You will be well pleased.”

Sandy and Elaine
Aug 2015

Dear Tom,
Following our call to you in 2009 at the kind introduction of your client Ian J and following your detailed recommendations, we are delighted that we now receive £10,000 a year in our British Pensions thanks to British Pensions Consultants.

You did all the hard work and we now reap the benefits!!

Thank you!!

H & L
July 2015

Honestly viewing the pension paperwork and talking to friends, my wife and I both shied away from applying for our British Pensions but after consulting with Tom and Peter they assured us we had sufficient work years to qualify for pensions. Basic information about our employers and national insurance numbers and the rest was completely handled by British Pension Consultants.

We cannot thank them enough for their expert knowledge and advice during this hassle free process for us and would highly recommend Tom and Peter to anyone applying for the British Pension.

Eng & Sucy
July 2015

We would like to thank the both of you for the effort and advice you gave regarding the British Pension. We had great services from you. We are more than pleased with the outcome. The pension we received is more than expected. And it was well worth the fees we had to pay.

I would like to thank Angus as well for introducing you to us.

Our retirement will be much more comfortable with this pension and I would not hesitate in recommending your service to anyone.

TH and FC,
British Colombia
June 2015

Dear Peter,

Many thanks to BPCI, you have been wonderful, a huge help.

You have been meticulous, patient, thorough and very effective, and have kept us informed at every step along the way.
You also significantly increased our pensions beyond what we ever imagined we could have got on our own and we saved your fee in just over the first year!

Thanks again

June 2015

I would like to thank Tom & Peter for obtaining my British Pension, they made it possible. They did it all.
It was a pleasure doing business with them to say the least.
I now receive my British Pension which to be honest, before Tom & Peter, I did not think really existed.

Thanks again to Tom & Peter.

May 2015

Hi Peter and Tom,

Thank you for helping me manoeuvre through tricky waters.
What was potentially a frustrating experience turned into an easy voyage (excuse the nautical puns). Having worked in and out of the UK and eventually emigrating to Canada, I thought it would not be worthwhile to apply for a UK state pension. With your help I was pleasantly surprised.

Your quick responses, sense of humour and guided assistance were greatly appreciated and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to other poor souls about to attempt this voyage.

smalltown Ontario
May 2015

Thank you BritPensions for the great work you did on my behalf to receive my British pension.

I had originally started to do it myself but once I looked seriously at the paperwork I knew help was required, and help you did, very efficiently.

I would thoroughly recommend anyone applying for a Brit Pension to use these people to handle it for you, it will preserve your sanity. Gary

NB The following was not so much “great good fortune” as a well-placed professional journal advertisement we made which led to this Testimonial for a couple who subsequently received the largest-ever arrears and pensions award since BPCI was incorporated in 2004!

a professional couple
April 2015

To whom it may concern:

Re. Messrs. Peter and Tom Hewetson. British Pension Consultants.

By some “great good fortune” my husband and I, having lived in the United States for more than fifty years, learned ― some eighteen months ago or so ― that, after all these years, we were STILL able to receive a British State Pension ! This included the sum that had built up in the time since we left Britain, as well as ongoing monthly sums.

We hastily wrote to Tom and Peter Hewetson, of British Pensions Consultants in Toronto, to learn how, what seemed like a gift from the sky, was to be accessed.

The Hewetsons made the whole process very simple ― there were not acres of forms to be filled out, etc ― indeed, everything was both straightforward, and simple — and speedy, to boot ! The Hewetsons, themselves, were extremely courteous and friendly, and we were, of course, delighted with the outcome.

Imagine the joy of a totally unexpected bonus sitting in an English Bank, and awaiting one’s London vacation, or providing Christmas gifts for one’s ageing Aunt — or, indeed, having it paid here, in the U.S. as a lump sum, or on a monthly basis.

We can only urge any expatriate Brits who have not taken advantage of this wonderful opportunity, to call British Pension Consultants ― instanter !

Southern California
April 2015

To all my expatriate colleagues who are entitled to receive a British Pension, but are unsure how to go about it – I had the good fortune to discover Tom and his son Peter Hewetson, of British Pensions Consultants Inc.

On my behalf, they handled my application and submitted it to the Pension Service in Newcastle upon Tyne.  They handled all communications for me over a several months period of time.  This saved me 100% from the stress and worry of dealing with the British Tax Authority.

Tom and Peter kept me informed and in the loop every step of the way, they acted promptly and professionally and were a joy to work with.  They know what you are entitled to and “go to bat” to get it for you.
One little-known and seldom publicised benefit we get in the USA, is that British State Pensions are fully indexed for inflation. For claimants living In Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa  among many others – their British Pensions are frozen!

Thanks a million guys, you’re the best.

March 2015

Hi Tom Hi Peter
I would like to thank you so much for helping me to receive a pension from the UK.
This is a pension I never imagined I was eligible for as I have not lived in England for the past 45 years! It is going to be a huge and entirely unexpected help to me in my in my twilight years.

I now receive $440 US dollars every 4 weeks = 13 checks a year from the British Government !  (God Save the Queen and Peter & Tom!)

I have just turned 65 and have already received my first 2 UK checks.

Any ex-Pat Brit nearing that age should contact Tom or Peter – you won’t be disappointed.

Once more, thank you Peter and thank you Tom I will be recommending you to all ex pats I come into contact with.
From one very happy customer

March 2015

Like all Australian retirees who once worked in the UK, I think it is disgraceful that the British Govt froze our pensions because we retired in Australia but not in America where they aren’t frozen – this is blatant discrimination!

However, as I have to go to England in May, all my friends told me that I could have my pension unfrozen and uprated to the current 2015 rate for while I was there, but exactly HOW does anyone do this?

The Pensions website seemed to cover every subject under the sun but this one thing – and their telephone HELPDESK was always either busy or not open !

Pretty much at my wits end, I came across the website, emailed them and straightaway they emailed me exactly what to do!

I only wish I’d known about them when I made my claim all those years ago – I could have saved myself a lot of time and trouble !

Feb 2015

“I first got in touch with Peter and Tom at BritPensions after reading an ad in the Globe & Mail in 2006.  I called up and spoke to Peter who informed me that even though I left England at the age of 16, if I made some backpayments I would be entitled to a pension.  He also mentioned that if I put in a few thousand dollars more, it would all be paid back within two years.
In fact this was less than I was paying in CPP !
Sure enough since I turned 65, I have been getting $365 every 4 weeks (ie 13 payments a year) on top of my CPP. This is money I had no idea could be coming to me and when my wife reaches pension age in December, she will separately receive over half as much as I get as a Married Womans Pension.
If I pass before her, she loses her MWP but gets my full pension.
However, in a new wrinkle, the new “Single Tier” regulations which start in April 2016 will change this for some other claimants.

Thank you Peter and Tom, absolutely no doubt I wouldn’t be getting this without you guys!”

“East End Boy did good”
Feb 2015

About 10 years ago I met Tom Hewetson who explained if I were to pay a couple of hundred dollars a year to the UK authorities to top up my National Insurance account I could receive a pension.
Here’s what I got £118.50 per week that’s £6,612 per year.
What I paid out was recouped in four months.
These guys are bloody geniuses, absolutely brilliant, if I live to 85 it will cost the UK £123,240, at 1.5 FX  that’s $184,860 CAD; what an inspiration to live long.

Aurora, Ontario
Jan 2015

Nine years ago, I approached Tom Hewetson about the possibility of obtaining a UK pension for the few years I worked there during the 60’s, before coming to Canada. He guided me through the process very competently and both my wife and I now benefit from regular monthly entitlements based on our National Insurance contributions.

We were alarmed to notice recently that my wife’s pension had not been deposited.  On enquiring with Tom and his son, Peter, we learned that this was almost certainly because we had not responded to a “Proof of Life” letter the UK pension office apparently sends out as a spot check on the eligibility of thousands of overseas retirees.  (Our mistake was not informing the office that we had changed addresses four years ago, so the letter was never received).

Happily, things are now back on track, thanks to the advice and specific instructions of the Hewetsons.

They actually responded to my phone call on a purely pro bono basis, as, technically, we are no longer clients.
Having their up-to-date pensions expertise readily and willingly available when a totally unexpected issue like this crops up, certainly minimises the stress level in retirement.

Anne W
Jan 2015

Thank you so much for all your help in sorting out my problems with regards to my UK pension.
I found your suggestions sensible and reasonable, thus I was able to deal satisfactorily with Canada Revenue.

Thanks once again,

British Colombia
Jan 2015

I was born in the UK and moved to Canada half way through my life.  Newly widowed, retirement for me was both scary and exciting.  Financial security contributed greatly towards my peace of mind, thanks to the assistance of British Pensions Consultants Inc.

After a successful request for assistance with claiming UK State Pension for his wife and himself, a friend recommended Peter Hewetson of British Pensions Consultants Inc.

Working with Peter was trouble-free and I felt very comfortable sharing personal information with him.  The process was logical and I was kept up to date as the process evolved and completed.  I was awarded back dated pension funds and now I receive a regular amount on a monthly basis.

The fee charged for their efficient services was reasonable and working with Peter was a pleasure.  Without hesitation, I would recommend Peter Hewetson of British Pensions Consultants Inc. to anyone who has a similar UK pension need as me.

Bolton, Ont
Dec 2014

I was most fortunate to come across British Pension Consultants Inc.   I initially contacted them to determine whether they could help me find out if I was eligible to receive UK  State Pension and through the kindness of these strangers, I am not only receiving a larger amount but they obtained a pension for my husband too!   Tom Hewetson was amazing at navigating through the process, together with his son Peter guiding me to make payments to upgrade my pension, at reduced rates, my monthly pension was increased.  Through their efforts and knowledge of the UK pension system, these knights in shining armour have made it possible for me to retire earlier than I had anticipated.

Thanks again for your efforts on my behalf!

from the BIG English county & Ontario
Dec 2014

A fellow member of the Yorkshire diaspora recommended BPCI to me a few years ago after I, like others who have submitted testimonials, had made a half-hearted attempt to determine whether I was eligible to receive a UK pension.
After I provided Peter with some basic information, he determined the amount of the pension I would likely receive. He helped me to obtain the necessary documentation, and dealt with HMG on my behalf. It was a painless exercise, and with his advice I obtained a greater pension that I expected.
He is a competent, caring and highly trained professional. He is good at what he does, and delivers what he promises. His fees are extremely reasonable.
I have recommended him to others, and will continue to do so.

Nov 2014

Thank you very much for your help with Don’s Certificate of Life this fall to get his pension re-instated. Your advice for this 88-year-old pensioner was invaluable in dealing with the British Pensions office in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
Again many thanks.

West Hill
Nov 2014

I must be the “Poster Boy” for British Pension Consultants.
I have been receiving a British Pension for 2 years now. I only worked in Britain for just over 1 year and never thought I qualified.
I came to Canada as a teenager and married a Canadian girl and we both now receive a British Pension.
Without your help, I would not have even applied.

Thanks for all your help and keep up the good work.

Al and Maureen
Oct 2014

We would like to say that it was a very fortunate meeting with your Father at the Highland Games that we discovered that with his help, we could qualify for a monthly pension.
Once we had provided some basic information on our previous work history in the U.K. your group were able to investigate and give us all the tools needed to follow through.
Without your help, we would not have thought this possible.

Grafton Ontario
Oct 2014

I just want anyone, who is looking into obtaining a pension from the U.K., to know that using the service of British Pensions was a positive experience for me.  I know of friends who have tried to navigate the system on their own, to spend hours researching/phoning and filling out forms, and then to realize they are better off with professional help.  This is a very complicated situation to deal with.

I found that one call to British Pensions, and answering a few simple questions, allowed Mr. Hewetson to determine if myself and/or husband were eligible for a pension and then he filled out all the forms etc.

We were not asked for any money; his fee was only due, and well earned, once it was determined we would indeed receive money.

There is no way we could have completed all this without British Pensions knowledge of the system.   Thank you and I’d recommend the service to anyone.

Sept 2014

Thank you for the update regarding my UK Pension. I am very happy with my pension and would like to thank you for all your efforts in making this possible.
I have no hesitation in recommending your services.

Sept 2014

I am writing to thank you for all the time and effort you took in obtaining for me a fair British Pension.  You explained the ‘Top Up’ and advised me to take the paperwork to my financial advisor for his to look over.

I was advised to proceed with the ‘Top Up’ payments and as a result, I now receive a good amount and will continue to do so until I leave the planet.

The whole process was, with your professional guidance, painless.  I was absolutely stunned to receive over $7,000.00 in back payments and a monthly pension somewhere around the $600.00 mark depending on exchange rates.

I have no hesitation to recommend your services should the opportunity arise.  Your attention to detail was exemplary and again I thank you & your staff for a wonderful and fair end result!

Aug 2014

Just letting you know the CHEQUE  is on it’ way for your fee
It was mailed to  B,P,C,I,  TOLLERTON  Ave, this morning.
TYNEVIEW PARK, deposited to my account $123.08 this morning Aug  9th.
I luv  B,P,C,I.
I luv jolly old  England.
I luv Canada.
I luv Manchester United F.C.  (red devils)
I also luv watching  ‘ Coronation street ‘
I will always recommend your service to anyone who wants
to know if they qualify for UK state pension.
God save the Queen eh!

thanks again………Pete

Aug 2014

After steadily paying into British Pensions over the years, my wife and I are very pleased with the outcome and excellent service we have received from  Tom  & Peter Hewetson at British Pension Consultants Inc.

British Columbia
July 2014

When I first heard about BPC from a fellow Canadian of British origin I thought it too good to be true that I was eligible for a British Pension.

In the years I have dealt with Tom, and mostly with Peter Hewetson, I have been so impressed with their competence, expertise and good humour.

They know their business inside and out. I am delighted with the outcome and they really earn their fees.

I can hardly believe that I am actually getting a pension; I thought I was still thirty-five, but that’s another matter.

Sudbury, Ontario
July 2014

Five years ago I contacted Tom regarding the possibility of my getting a British pension.
I emigrated to Canada at the age of 18, so I really didn’t hold much hope of the answer being yes.

However to my surprise and delight, Tom took the ball and ran with it. He did all of the paper work, found out how much I would have to pay back in order to qualify, and lo and behold shortly thereafter I started receiving my British Pension.
I certainly could not have done this on my own, the paperwork involved is indeed rather involved, and Tom being the expert that he is saw to it that every detail was covered.
I would definitely recommend both Tom and Peter to anyone thinking about pursuing the possibility of receiving a British Pension.

Victoria, BC
Sept 2014

My mom passed away a few years ago. I have always worried about dad. I was sad and scared that he would be all alone. On top of that he was receiving a Canadian Pension but could not live on it. My dad was eating package foods as he couldn’t afford real food. His poor eating habits caused him to have a Heart Attack. When I thought that my last parent might die, I racked my brain to come up with something that could enhance his life, and give him financial security.

My dad was raised in Scotland. I searched the Internet trying to figure out how he could get his British Pension. I tried on my own but got nowhere. I stumbled onto the web site of British Pensions. I read what they could do and was amazed.

I was asked to send in my dad’s Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate etc. I did and within a few weeks funds were entered into my dad’s account. We had to decide how he wanted his pension disbursed. After doing and sending the form off, my dad was left with a considerable lump sum and a few hundred a month.

This company stood by everything they said they would do. Because of them I don’t have to worry about my dad having to eat cat food.

You have enhanced my dads life – Thank You!

Whitby, Ontario
Aug 2014

Losing a partner after 30 years of sharing good times and bad is more devastating than I can describe. In the wake of such loss are details, details, and more details, all involving cold bureaucracies, inexperienced ‘experts’ and unimaginable hoop-jumping that leaves you needing the support of the one person who is no longer there.

Of all the administrivia I had to wrestle into place, the most efficient and professional was dealing with you at British Pensions. Tom, Peter, you went beyond the usual expectation of just getting the job done. You managed to expedite matters resulting in swift action and even a recalculation to my benefit.

While I managed to successfully deal with my late husband’s estate, the house, the relatives, etc, etc, I must confess that without your assistance the business with the other side of the pond would probably never have happened. It wasn’t in my sphere of competence, nor did I even give it much thought. I simply got in touch with you and from there it all fell into place.

Thanks is too small a word to express my gratitude for your professional assistance and thoughtful handling of the matter. I have only praise for you both and the work that you do. Bravo!

May 2014

I will be grateful to you and your father Tom every four weeks for the rest of my life, for your large part in helping gain for me a full British pension. This has given me confidence to actually look forward to retirement, as it will allow me to make ends meet in retirement, when added to my Canadian entitlement.

It was Tom with his excellent humour who initiated the process, enabling me to top up my contributions just in time. Then you, Peter, continued the somewhat long process, and saw it through to the end.

As with any human endeavour, problems do crop up along the way, but with your personal service, you guided me through those to the eventual desired result. Again, I am very grateful for your service. Thank you.

RC & M
April 2014

We are delighted to write a testimonial to the fantastic service we received from British Pensions Consultants. Tom & Peter were truly amazing in procuring the excellent outcome we received and in such a short time. We can highly recommend their services.

Thank you Tom and Peter.

Jim & Jane
Niagara Falls
April 2014

I would like to take the opportunity to personally thank Tom & Peter Hewetson for their expertise and professionalism in managing my wife and I’s pensions over the past two years. It is one of the best investments we have made in protecting our financial future.

Any questions or concerns we may have had were always answered quickly and in comprehensible terms, and our options were described thoroughly before any decisions were made. I would strongly recommend Tom & Pete’s services for anyone interested in exploring their British Pension options.

Jordan, Ontario
April 2014

Tom Hewetson has been indispensable to me in receiving and securing my British Pension. His experience and ingenuity have been instrumental in my obtaining a pension. I, quite frankly, had no knowledge of. Tom’s clear and straightforward approach and his transparency in not charging unless he succeeds in obtaining a pension, were early indicators that he operated with character and integrity.

By explaining the “topping up process” to me and obtaining my social security number, Tom was successful in securing my pension, despite the fact that I had emigrated from the UK in 1965. I recommend Tom to British friends whenever I can and have no reservations in stating that he is an essential asset in the pursuit of these pensions.

J & M
British Columbia
April 2014

We would just like to offer our thanks to Tom & Peter Hewetson of BritPensions for the excellent work they provided in manoeuvring through the UK Pension system to a successful and satisfactory outcome!

I had worked in the UK for a period until 1965, initially as an apprentice, and as a graduate engineer, but then moved to and worked in other countries. When I reached retirement age in 2002, several acquaintances indicated that it was unlikely I would qualify for a UK pension after these years of absence, and that a significant catch-up payment would be required. UK Pensions correspondence also seemed to imply that the process would be onerous, and likely not worth the trouble. I never did apply.

Through “happenstance”, I found the BritPensions site – belatedly – in 2013 and enlisted their help to re-visit the UK Pension matter. Now I am very pleased to report that without any great stress on my part, Tom and Peter Hewetson have just completed a 9-month odyssey, resulting in my receiving a significant UK Pension for the rest of my life (albeit un-indexed, due to living in Canada).

They were unable to recoup the “lost” pension payments for the years 2002-2013, but did obtain a lump-sum payment due to the fact that I had delayed my claim for that period. Even more amazing is the fact that BritPensions made me aware that my spouse would also qualify for about 60% of my pension amount – and managed to “stick-handle” her case also to a successful conclusion!

Both of us are most grateful to Tom and Peter Hewetson for the down-to-earth and focused handling of our case(s) and would highly recommend them to others in similar circumstances who may have been deterred frpm applying for a UK Pension. Do not despair, but rather – contact BritPensions.

Many sincere thanks for your assistance.

April 2014

I left Scotland in 1969 at 21 years of age having worked about 5 1/2 years.

I never thought I would qualify for a pension from Britain but I thought I would check out the UK Pension web site anyway, well I was just clicking from one page to another & I ended up back at the first page & I just gave up I don’t think they want you to succeed.

A few days later I went back online looking for more answers & stumbled onto the British Pension Consultants website & started reading the testimonials & saw a lot of people were in the same boat as me & had about the same length of employment, I saw the “No Pension, No Fee” & said I would have nothing to lose.

I emailed Tom & received a reply quick & Tom sent me out the forms & I sent them back to him he also said my wife was also entitled to get a UK pension & would send out the forms for her, my wife could not believe it as she is Canadian & has only visited Scotland 3 times on holiday with me, we filled out her forms & sent them to Peter.

I think within a few months from contacting Tom I had a deposit in my bank account & every 4 weeks another UK pension deposit. A few months after my first pension deposit my wife also had a deposit of a UK pension.

Without the efforts of Tom & Peter I would not have a UK pension.

R & I
April 2014

After discussing my British State Pension benefits with the lovely people in England, it was indicated that I would be able to claim the princely sum of 58P per week, my wife probably less. Disappointed, I forgot all about it.

My wife the, tenacious Scot that she is would not accept this demeaning failure and found an ad in the paper advertising the services of A no cost consultation was offered with as it turned out, consummate professionals. Both Tom and Peter could not have been more helpful slicing and dicing through the over-complicated paperwork required.

The final outcome was amazing – both my wife and I have now a nice little income that was not expected but really appreciated. Thank you Tom and thank you Peter. We have recommended you to many of our friends and family, with many of them having the same delightful results that we had. Keep up the good work guys !!

Mar 2014

At 65 years of age and having left the UK 35 years ago, plus having worked in 15 different countries and now living permanently in Thailand I started to think if I had any UK Pensions owing to me.

Asking around my UK friends and family and trying to contact the Pension Office in UK with no luck, I picked up my computer and searched the web for a pension agents. I had no idea how much pension to expect or how long it would take to get it. I needed somebody who knew the Pension system.

So I contacted British Pensions Consultants, got an immediate response and after some quick emails they confirmed there was a pension in the system awaiting claim. After providing some simple personal data, three months later I had a firm reply from Pensions Dept with a lump sum payment and a monthly pension. The monthly pension is direct deposited to my Thai bank with no problems.

I never had to deal with the Pensions Dept, only British Pensions Consultants. A one time fee for service and I am all set up with pension income. Highly recommend using British Pensions Consultants, quick, good advice, friendly, trustworthy and they delivered on their promise.

New Jersey, USA
Mar 2014

Just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with the way in which you handled my British Pension application. I must admit that l looked into the process myself and even downloaded the forms, I was appalled at the amount of information that they wanted, over twenty pages of questions and to be truthful I set everything aside, it all seemed too much bother for the return I was expecting.

It was my elder brother in England who kept on at me to apply so I thought what the hell and decided to see if I could find someone who could help me, that’s how I came across British Pension Consultants. From then on everything went absolutely smoothly, from my initial Email enquiry to receiving my first bank deposit you handled all the paperwork efficiently and speedily, all you wanted from me was some basic information.

Thank you both once again, I’ll be extremely happy to recommend your services in the future.

P.S. The amount of pension you obtained for me vastly exceeded my expectations!!!!!

D & C
Feb 2014

I want to wish you and yours A very happy and prosperous New Year and many congratulations on the safe arrival of your granddaughter. I just want to thank you and Peter for guiding me through the rapids of Newcastle, not that there has been anything rapid in Newcastle since the Milburns!

In my first year as an OAP I reflect upon my good fortune to have met with you. As a result my coffers are overflowing with what I consider Ill-gotten gains, especially as my wife worked for this and although I worked a hundred hours a week as a medical intern, the pay was scarcely notable.

The other thing I wish to say is that it was a pleasure dealing with you in this sometimes arduous journey. Your sense of humour and your sense of balance made that odyssey a deep pleasure. Now when I think of Haig, I like to drink it!!

If you are ever in Victoria, please feel there is a candle in the window for you.

Feb 2014

I am receiving my Brit pension each month as expected. The monthly payments are as you had indicated. It has certainly been a pleasure working with you and I am very grateful to my good friend for initially recommending me to contact you.

Without your guidance and assistance this would have been painful process attempting to communicate directly with the UK Revenue Agency after all these years. As a result of your experience in this area you have assisted me to secure my pensionable rights from the UK as I slowly move into my “golden years” and without your representation I most likely would have given up or not even bothered attempting to secure my UK pension.

I have already recommended your services to a number of my Brit friends and family members and will most certainly continue to do so. Thank you once again for your help and insight.

Jan 2014

One of the characteristics of my life is that I always think I can do things for myself, much to my wife’s occasional dismay. However, it was with trepidation that I addressed the prospect of negotiating my way through Her Majesty’s pension legislation in 2012, seeking an accurate United Kingdom pension starting the next January, the occasion of my 65th birthday.

Briefly, I had spent my working life in many countries, some of which had reciprocating treaties with the UK, others not, and others where the state pension contributions may, or may not, have been recognized by HM Government. By contrast, dealing with the Canadian side was a breeze!

Anyhow, I made a couple of tentative inquiries and (eventually!) received some correspondence from HM Pension People, the content of which I neither understood and which I found gibberish to read.

Suspecting that I needed a specialist’s involvement, not to mention someone capable of dealing with the bureaucrats with patience and good humour, neither of which I possess in abundance, I was fortunate to learn of British Pensions Consultants Inc, whom I engaged with little hesitation and profound relief!

Thereafter, I sat back while they fielded stupid and seemingly obstructive legislation, kept me informed all along the way, and, most importantly kept me from blowing my top at the lack of cooperation between HM people, some of whom I suspect to have been sitting next to each other.

In short, and in reality, not that long a time given my work history, they navigated the murky world in which they offer assistance and now I enjoy what I believe to be the maximum amount I am entitled to, as does my wife, and it is to Tom and Peter Hewetson’s credit that this is so: I could never have accomplished what they have.

So, it is my pleasure to wholeheartedly recommend their services to anybody who has lived or worked in the UK, not only in a more complicated case such as mine, but for everybody who may be entitled to a UK pension no matter how simple their entitlement may be. Only by engaging a service such as the one they offer will you be confident of receiving the maximum benefit you are allowed.

The decision to go with British Pension Consultants is one of the better decisions I have made in my life one that even my wife approved of!

And the bill, which is reasonable, is Canadian Tax deductible!

British Columbia
Jan 2014

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Peter and Tom, British Pensions Consultants Inc, for the expert and rapid execution of my application for a British pension. Initially I doubted my entitlement and had no clue as to where to even begin the process for application until I learned about BPCI. I am now receiving my pension, an enhanced amount actually thanks to advice and recommendation from Peter. Thank you all so very much indeed.

Jan 2014

I have been living overseas first in Canada and now Belize for over 30 years and thought that trying for my pension was next to impossible. However I met a fellow Brit here in Belize who introduced me to the idea of obtaining my pension through British Pension Consultants. He knew both Tom and Peter personally and assured me that they could “deliver the goods” with no stress on my part.

The whole process was flawless and completely stress free. Tom and Peter are wonderful to deal with. I am one very happy customer and I would recommend them to any fellow Brit struggling with all the ‘red tape’. Put yourself in their hands. You won’t regret it!

Dec 2013

My initial contact with you in 2010 was obviously the best thing I could have done for myself and my wife. I happened to pick up a brochure at work (that an individual had left) and after some deliberation decided to contact you.

Your advice and wisdom has guided us to a Brit Pension that I am sure I, or my wife, would not have obtained without your knowledge. Our first Brit pensions were received in October 2013 and I know these amounts of money each and every month will make a big difference to our retirement income.

Your professionalism, the compiling of all the paperwork for this process, and the ease of contact for any questions we had presented, has certainly led to a positive outcome in our favour. We can only say a big thank you for the service that you have provided.

I will certainly make known to others the services you offer.

M & K
Northern Ontario
Dec 2013

Upon turning 65 and being English I applied for my English state pension. After waiting several months for the paperwork it finally arrived. I took one look and tossed it aside! What a load of complicated garbage.

Weeks later a friend of ours told us about British Pensions Consultants. They took over and finalized every thing in a few weeks. They were our knights in shining armour. Not only did I receive my state pension but they also sorted out my wife’s, plus a little extra that we knew nothing about.

We cannot thank Tom and Peter enough and I will tell all my British friends about them. Thanks B.P.C for a very good job.

Dec 2013

Thank you for doing all the paperwork for my Brit Pension. You answered all my questions promptly and always took great lengths to make me understand exactly what was going on. When I thought I had my total pension you thought I was still owed a few more pounds, and got it for me. As I do not get a company pension, every penny (or cent) really does matter.

Thank you both so much. It’s wonderful seeing my bank account go up every 4 weeks.

Dec 2013

I wish to thank both you and your son Peter for the work you did on my file, when I made the enquiry regarding a possible pension in connection with my work history in England. I had worked from age 15 to 27 when I emigrated to Canada.

You have now advised me that when I married at 21 I had opted for the small stamp (also known as the little stamp option when one marries) when apparently I made a minimum amount which didn’t not cover a pension. As a result I am not entitled to any pension from the British Government.

After reading your full explanation I realized the pension option there is similar to the CPP option here – you get out of it what you put in, and apparently I didn’t pay the pension option as part of my stamp.

It was a little frustrated hearing so many friends receiving rather nice pensions from Britain having worked so many less years than I. Apparently the full stamp I did pay up to my marriage did not qualify me either.

Again, I wish to thank you so much for explaining this for me and all the work you did on my behalf.

I wish you both all the very best and won’t hesitate to refer others to you with British Pension questions.

Ed. This is often referred to by Newcastle as “the Married Woman’s Option” and has been discontinued for decades.

P & B
Nov 2013

Many thanks to Tom and Peter for your assistance in guiding us through the task of applying for a British Pension. When we spoke with Tom some years ago and heard all his incredible stories it was obvious that we should put our faith in his company.
Both Tom and Peter came through with flying colours. Over the years we have felt confident in leaving the details to them. Through them we were able pay for and then receive our pensions. Money well spent in every respect.
We both thank you each and every month.

Nov 2013

I would never have dreamed that my walking down a lonely stretch of a Mexican beach 9 years ago and bumping into a total stranger would so impact my life all these years later.
My story is really the same as all the others…worked a few years in the UK as a youngster and then moved to Canada and meeting this stranger on the beach who after we chatted a while told me about Tom and Peter…you know the rest of the story….
I managed to pay back contributions and now after my 65th Birthday I receive such a significant amount of money from the UK…I am thrilled and totally sing the praises of the Hewetsons……thanks so much…
I am now residing comfortably in Mexico!!

Nov 2013

I had worked in the UK for ten years, came to Canada in 1974 and topped up my pension in the late 1990s.
When I started to consider retirement I was very lucky to hear about BPC when a friend had used them to secure a pension for himself and his wife.
After giving all the relevant information to Peter, he assured me that I was entitled to a pension and all I had to do was wait until I was 65,which was just last June. I now claim the maximum pension allowable and without that I could not afford to retire.
I will always be grateful for their knowledge and professional attitude.

Nov 2013

Tom and Peter Hewetson of British Pensions Consultants Inc have done a remarkably thorough function of securing my British State Pension even after me being out of the country for over 30 years.
Their advice was sound, their research extensive and the actions taken on my behalf promptly (and successfully!) executed.
Worth every penny of their service fees!

Owen Sound
Nov 2013

Thank you so much for your assistance in helping my husband get his British Pension. It would have been such a hassle if we had to do all the work that you and Peter did on our behalf.
This was a very good example of showing that in some cases it is best to let the experts do the work. We are definitely enjoying the extra money coming in every month.
Keep up the good work.

R & J
Oct 2013

Several years ago a friend, who is also from the UK, approached me with the suggestion that I investigate the possibility of obtaining a British Pension. He gave me a telephone number for Tom Hewetson and urged me to call him. I had only worked for a very short time in the UK and I was skeptical that any of what he was describing would apply to me. I procrastinated for at least a year but my friend persisted and finally I arranged to meet with Tom at his office in Toronto.

The meeting was conducted very professionally as Tom collected information about the time I had spent working in the UK, how much time at university and the name of my last employer. I had no record of any contributions I had made; I did not even know my insurance number from all those years ago. Tom gave me full disclosure on what he would be undertaking on my behalf and also of the fees that would be due for his services. The fees were a percentage of actual pension monies obtained on my behalf so I felt that I had nothing to lose. At that time I was very busy running my business and I am positive that I would not have had the time or the inclination to undertake the process myself.

Shortly after, Tom contacted me and told me that I did indeed have a number of years of contributions based on the number of years I had worked and the number of years I had spent at university. He presented me with a plan to pay up my contributions by means of a one time payment. It seemed to me that given the amount of the investment and the likely return there was no decision to be made. When all things were considered it was the easiest business decision I have ever made.

Earlier this year I reached the age of 65. My British Pension commenced right on cue and was for the exact amount predicted by Tom and Peter. I also applied for my Canada Pension and my old age pension. After a lifetime of working in Canada I was somewhat shocked to find that my British Pension was substantially larger than my Canada Pension, despite the fact that I had contributed a much greater amount to the Canada Pension Fund. Paying up my British Pension contributions was, by far, the best investment I have ever made.

I will be forever grateful to Tom and Peter for the service they provided. Without their help I doubt that I would be receiving my pension today. The application process is an arduous one which I am sure I would not have undertaken on my own. These two gentlemen understand the system intimately and I recommend their services unconditionally.

Richard from Out West
Oct 2013

I left the UK in 1969 at age 21, having just completed university, with various bits and pieces of work to my credit. In the 45 years since then I spent 5 years back in the UK, accruing a few more years work. For a few years after returning to Canada I made some voluntary payments – mostly to soothe my mother – I didn’t really understand what the value of these payments was.

When I realised in my 50’s that I would not be getting a full CPP I started to wonder about the value of my work history in the UK. I tried to contact the Pension Service in the UK by email (at that time a less familiar thing) and got no reply.This was not a good feeling– six thousand miles away, feeling powerless, and not really sure if there was any point in persevering anyway.

Moving into my sixties I decided I should try again – but I wasn’t looking forward to it at all. At this point a great stroke of luck – a friend told me about Britpensions. One phonec all to Tom changed everything around. He explained that I was actually in quite a good position and that by making some more contributions I could be in an excellent position.

In the years since then Tom and Peter expertly guided me through the process of obtaining a fantastic deal – it cost a bit of money, but that will quickly be repaid. What I viewed as a nightmare became a dream. I strongly recommend anybody to contact Britpensions to see what they can do for you – they are a pleasure to deal with.

Oct 2013

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you completed for my British Pension, and the amazing results you achieved. To go from 27 pounds a year, which is what they offered me when I first applied, to 48 pounds a WEEK is just sensational – almost 100 times the original offer! On top of that, they paid a large lump sum, which I had no way of expecting. I am just delighted, as is my husband by the results you obtained for him.

Why anyone would tackle Newcastle without your superb help I cannot imagine. Anyone of British origin that we know, we will send to you without hesitation.

Oct 2013

I am writing to thank you for all the time and effort you took in obtaining for me a fair British Pension. You explained the ‘Top Up’ and advised me to take the paperwork to my financial advisor for him to look over.

I was advised to proceed with the ‘Top Up’ payments and as a result, I now receive a good amount and will continue to do so until I leave the planet.

The whole process was, with your professional guidance, painless. I was absolutely stunned to receive over $7,000.00 in back payments and a monthly pension somewhere around the $600.00 mark depending on exchange rates.

I have no hesitation to recommend your services should the opportunity arise. Your attention to detail was exemplary and again I thank you & your staff for a wonderful and fair end result!

Saltspring Island, BC
Oct 2013

Most of my years in the UK were spent as a student, with only a few years of casual and intermittent work in between my studies. So I was delighted to find out five years ago, through Tom, that I could make a payment and receive a small pension throughout my retired life. With his help, the process of applying was relatively painless, but I’m pretty sure I would have given up if I had tried to do it myself. His years of experience really smoothed the way.

Recently I had some more enquiries about the tax situation and he was able to steer me straight on one phone call, as his files were immediately to hand and his records were more complete than mine. This is real “value added”. He is worth his fee! I can unhesitatingly recommend his services.

Oct 2013

Born in Dalmuir, Scotland in 1948, I trained as a men’s hairdresser at very low wages. I moved to Canada at 21 with not a thought in my head that those very few years of apprenticeship might do good for me at 65. At 21 I had other things on my mind!

My younger brother Barry joined me in Canada and a few years later he found someone to make his UK Pension Claim for him. Barry was in regular work and was making some top-up payments which I knew I couldn’t ever afford, but this Tom Hewetson guy he knew offered to make a claim for me on the basis that he wouldn’t charge me if he failed – “NO PENSION – NO FEE was his slogan! As he said “what do you have to lose?”

Good news! I was in luck, Tom said that new regulations for my date of birth somehow, had just wiped out the 11-year minimum number of years that I could never ever have reached – amazing !

Tom did his magic and after 12 months of me NOT filling in any govt forms and NEVER speaking to Newcastle, I started receiving a neat little pension every 4 weeks !

This is MY PENSION for which I have not paid the British Government a nickel for 44 years and Tom even organised it so I paid his fee out of my pension.

Small this pension may be, but it is actually MORE in hand per week than the skinflint apprenticeship wages I earned before I left Glasgow!

There is absolutely no way I could have ever done what Tom did, he really knows his stuff and did the whole thing for me from start to finish, I just went along for the ride.

To see if you can qualify, all you have to do is give him a call.

“What do you have to lose?” are powerful words! Thanks a bunch Tom

An Anglo/Irish/Swiss
October 2013

While visiting my brother in Vancouver and discussing our retirement, my brother advised me to contact British Pensions Consultants to see about the possibility of obtaining a pension from the UK against the time I worked there.

My brother spoke very highly of your efficiency and the very satisfactory outcome of his own case. I must have given you a real headache with my name change and my move to Switzerland.

It is very satisfying to have had such courteous, efficient and friendly service and that the end result is so positive. All done within two years.

Dr. W.S.
Oct 2013

1. No Pension-No Fee

2. Fee qualifies for Canadian Tax deduction

These two points make it a win/win situation for those whom Mr. Tom Hewetson and his son Mr. Peter Hewetson help in getting their British Pension.

In my case I worked for six years at U.K. before immigrating to Canada. l was unaware I was entitled to and never applied for a pension until a friend directed me to Mr. Tom Hewetson who assured me that I qualified. He requested certain data and quickly and professionally completed all necessary documents on my behalf with minimal further input from myself.

The bottom line is that I had to top up my pension, but that was deducted from the lump sum I received, followed by monthly payments to my bank account. He then proceeded to apply for my wife’s pension and true enough succeeded in getting it as well.

My sincere thanks to their efforts and professionalism and I strongly recommend their services to anybody who worked in the U.K.

Sept 2013

It is my pleasure to write this testimonial to the services of British Pension Consultants in the form of the dynamic duo Tom and Peter Hewetson. Their expertise in navigating the labyrinthine rules and regulations that can be born only of the British Civil Service is of a caliber that makes the characters of Yes, Minister….. look like amateurs.

The result of their efforts on my behalf have resulted in a significant boost to my monthly retirement income. Dial now!

British Columbia
Sept 2013

I am writing to express our appreciation of the work you did for us in securing a UK pension starting with a phone call to your office. In my case my accountant gave me your name that he had received from another of his clients and all it took was a phone call to you followed by some documentation.

Subsequent to my case, I passed your name on to a golfing friend who I understand is now also enjoying a pension. Once again thanks for the service you provided.

M & G
Sept 2013

My wife and I applied directly to the British pension office to see if our years of work in the U.K. would qualify one of us for a pension. The reply was that we did not. We were a little baffled as I had started work at 16 and we did not emigrate until I was nearly 27. However we let it pass for a few years until friends of ours told us they had started to receive a pension from the U.K. after talking to the people at British Pensions Consultants.

My wife convinced me that we should pursue this and after several months of work from British Pensions Consultants we recieved confirmation that we did qualify.

Under the guidance of Tom and Peter, with minimal effort on our part, we supplied all relevant information and British Pensions Consultants completed all the required paperwork, we are now receiving our pensions. Had it not been for the expertise of British Pensions Consultants, I do not believe that we would have ever received this pension. Tom and Peter know the system and can navigate you through to enable you to receive what you have contributed. My wife and I are extremely grateful to British Pensions Consultants and their diligence and would recommend their services to anyone.

Aug 2013

Now I am semi-retired but still enjoying my work. One thing I would like to do is thank you from bottom of my heart for your help in securing my British Pension. I would like to inform anybody seeking their British Pension, how valuable was your service.

I was born in Kenya and having British passport and being British Subject made it easier for me to move to England in sixties. After doing my apprenticeship and working for couple of more years we moved to Canada. I never thought of retirement or British pension till I was about to turn 65. I made some basic inquiry and talked to friends with similar circumstances and found out that they are collecting British pensions, but very insignificant amount.

This is when I came across you. I was immediately convinced that you will be able help me. I am glad I followed your advice and without me personally going back and forth with British Pension Plan which would have taken me months of work; you managed to secure the pension for us. I was pleased that the amount I received was more than double compared to my friends.

Once again many thanks for your help.

Aug 2013

We were unaware we may have been entitled to a British Pension until we met Tom Hewetson at a British show. Talking to Tom originally he made us very comfortable in using his company to apply for our British Pension. He is very knowledgeable on procedures and filing. We then talked with his son Peter, who is also very knowledgeable on procedures. Don’t wait till you are 65 to apply because it is possible you may be able to purchase additional years to maximize your pension. Peter and Tom take care of everything!

Peter and Tom are very professional, friendly and very knowledgeable and easy to work with and we would have no hesitation in recommending these gentlemen to anyone thinking about applying for a British Pension. We don’t believe we could have accomplished this without their expertise.

Peter and Tom thank you so much for helping us and keep up the good work.

Carstairs, AB
Aug 2013

It is with great enthusiasm and thankfulness that I recommend the services of Tom & Peter Hewetson to acquire pension benefits from the United Kingdom. All it took to start the process was a phone call. From there I immediately received an email identifying the documents and information that were required.

Within six months not only did I start to receive the minimum amount I was entitled to, but my wife who never lived or worked in the UK also received a monthly pension payment. Tom & Peter continued to work diligently, until the maximum entitlement was determined. It wasn’t until I decided which option best suited my circumstances, that any payment to the UK government and to Tom & Peter was required.

Their professionalism and knowledge was impeccable. I would highly recommend using their services, as the financial benefits were more than worth the time and cost that it took to complete this process.

Aug 2013

I left the UK 43 years ago and moved to Australia, I only resided there for 3 years and then moved to the United States, I have been there ever since. I was unaware that I was entitled to a British Pension until last year, upon which I contacted Tom Hewetson who promptly called me to explain the procedure to me.

Talking to Tom was like talking to an old friend, his easy going friendly manner impressed me immediately, and I felt very comfortable having this man represent me. We proceeded with the dogma of the application, which at this point Tom’s son Peter got involved,and as the saying goes “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.

I found Peter to be efficient and friendly like his Dad. These guys took care of every thing and I soon realized that not only was I getting a pension for my self but also for my wife. I did have to top up my pension, but it really wasn’t a lot of money, Brit pensions saved me huge in this top up payment.

My payback for money laid out was very fast, and I am enjoying receiving that wire transfer from the UK every month. I will be eternally grateful to this father and son team.

Canadian divorcee in BC
Aug 2013

I have been divorced for about four years now. My ex husband served his apprenticeship in England and did work there for a short time. He came to Canada in 1974 and we were married. I never worked or lived in the UK ever.

After living in Canada for thirty years my husband decided to look into purchasing time for his pension from England. I don’t know how much it cost him to do this but it proved to be beneficial for me. After contacting Tom I found out that I was in fact eligible to claim part of my ex’s British Pension. It turns out that I receive more from England than I do from CPP here in Canada.

I would never have been able to wade through the time and trouble dealing with the England offices and without finding Toms company I would not have been getting this benefit that I am entitled to because of my ex husband.

July 2013

I didn’t think it would be worthwhile claiming a British Pension because I had only worked in the U.K. for nine years. How wrong I was.

One day I saw an advertisement in the Globe and Mail from British Pensions Consultants and contacted Peter and Tom Hewetson. They gave me such sage advice on my options. I decided to top the pension up and I waited several years to start collecting the pension because every year the amount increases.

When the time came for me to retire, I contacted Tom and Peter again and now just a few months later I am receiving my British pension.

Tom and Peter are professional, courteous and friendly and they really know their stuff. There is no way I could have done this on my own.

Thank you so very much.

Guelph, Ontario
July 2013

Just a quick note to both Peter and Tom to thank you both for helping me deal with my British Pension.

You were extremely helpful with advice regarding topping up, and even though I only worked in the UK for 7 years I will now be getting a fairly decent pension when I turn 65.

Thanks also for the speedy turnaround with questions etc, and the prompt notifications of letters received. I now don’t have to worry about the red tape and bureaucracy of dealing with the British government, I can concentrate all my efforts on the one here in Canada!

Brit in Burgundy
July 2013

The people at British Pensions Consultants were not only very professional, ensuring that my pension was greater than I had supposed, but they were also friendly and very courteous.

S & B
June 2013

After British Pension Consultants Inc. successfully arranged for the pension for my wife (a British citizen) they addressed the task of obtaining a pension for me, a non-British citizen.

I had worked in England for a number of years prior to our immigrating to Canada. Tom and Peter Hewetson pointed out to me that I might be eligible for a British Pension as well. At their instigation, they addressed this matter.

They were very diligent in their approach, thorough in completing the application and the required follow up. They were a pleasure to work with. They were successful in obtaining the pension for me for which I am most grateful. I personally would not have achieved the result that they achieved.

Thank you Tom and Peter. You offer a great service and perform it excellently.

St. Catherines, Ontario
June 2013

It is reassuring to know that the BPC Inc. team have your interests at heart and with their expertise you can expect as good as a return as possible!

Dealing with Tom and Peter has been a pain free satisfying experience with a friendly personal touch.

My status was easily explained ,well measured and presented which left me feeling confident that an important part of my future financial planning was guaranteed.

Burlington, Ontario
June 2013

To those Brits who require support and direction to complete the process, and to establish payment for Brit pensions owed, I highly recommend Tom & Peter Hewetson. They completed all of the British Pension forms & requirements effectively, quickly, and painlessly. I am confident that with Tom & Peter’s expertise, my wife and I will receive all monies owed.

Stratford, Ontario
May 2013

Have had a great experience dealing with Tom and Peter! Never thought I would qualify for a UK pension, but their diligent work showed me I was entitled to the minimum, with no more contributions.

I would never had the ability to navigate through the process myself. I have referred several ex-pat Brits to him, and they were very satisfied also. I am sure the Pension Service in the UK cringe whenever these guys contact them, because it means they will have to pay out money that they thought would never be claimed!!

Thanks to you both! Highly recommended service!

N & P
Kingston, Ontario
May 2013

I heard about Tom and Peter Hewetson from a coworker. After telling her we had already looked into the British pension and decided it was way too much hassle for the small amount we would receive, she convinced me to at least give them a call.

That had to be one of my all time favourite phone calls.

After filling out forms and giving them all our info we really did nothing else until the money came in.Any communication from Britain we forwarded to them, and they took care of everything.

My husband and I will never be able to thank them enough, this pension has made our lives a little easier in retirement. I am actually getting a spousal pension which I had no idea I would be entitled to.

So my advice to anyone just thinking about their British pension is give Tom and Peter a call. What harm can that do – and honestly once you talk to these knowledgeable, professional and wonderful guys you will see how easy it will be.

Hamilton, Ontario
May 2013

Hello Peter and Tom I would like to thank you for all the help you have given my husband and myself over the last few years.

We first met at the British show in Hamilton Ontario. My husband was coming up for retirement and wasn’t sure how to go about finding information about collecting his British Pension. He wasn’t sure if he was entitled to receive a pension from Britain as he left in his early 20’s to work in South Africa before coming to Canada. You explained that he could pay into his pension to bring it to a level that would allow him to collect. He was very pleased at this and started to collect his pension.

When my husband passed away three years later there you were again. All I had to do was pick up the phone and you were there to take care of all the paperwork and put my mind at ease at such a difficult time. You took such good care of me to make sure that I was receiving the widows pension.

I thought that would be the last time we spoke. But about a year after that to my surprise you got in touch with me to tell me that I was entitled to receive a small pension and that you would take care of everything for me, and you did.

I had to call the office one more time because my mother who lives in a nursing home and has dementia had been receiving the British Pension for almost 20 years and suddenly it stopped. I didn’t notice for several months. I panicked and called your office and spoke to Tom for a good 20 minute or more and he explained what had happened and what I needed to do to fix the problem. Again 100% results.

Peter and Tom you were there whenever I reached out for help.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Wolfe Island
April 2013

This is to highly recommend that anyone wishing to pursue the possibility of getting a U.K. pension should, without hesitation, contact British Pensions Consultants Inc.

Just prior to my reaching the age of 60 I phoned the U.K. Pension Department in Newcastle. I had only worked for 7 years in the U.K. before emigrating to Canada in 1966. I was told I would have to make up the contributions for three years to complete the ten years’ of contributions required to receive the U.K. pension…..and would receive around 2 pounds per week. It hardly seemed worth the effort, so I did nothing. Big mistake!!!!

Over the years I have been chastised by many of my British friends for not pursuing it, so one day last November I got a “bee in my bonnet” about the whole affair and decided, just for fun, to see what could be done now. ( I’m now age 71!).

I trolled the internet for information on the subject. I found the British Pensions Consultants website and made a phone call to Peter Hewetson. After a lengthy and very informative discussion with him he said I should most definitely make a claim……nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I mailed all my completed forms and information to him just before Christmas, and by the end of March everything was finalised. I will now receive a nice little pension….until I die….and it was backdated to age 60. There seems to be a myth out there that if one doesn’t make the full 10 years’ contributions, there is no pension. Not the case. I will state, however, that as I did not make contributions for the full 10 years, my pension is less than the full basic pension. I am extremely happy with the end result, however.

The Hewetsons, Peter and Tom, are very knowledgeable, efficient and extremely nice people to deal with. They know their way around the U.K. Pension Department and make it a hassle-free experience in applying for a British Pension. They offer a “no pension – no fee” service……the fee is well worth it!!!

April 2013

I met Tom from Brit Pensions purely by chance, and it was a very fortunate day for both my wife and I. I knew that our work experience in UK would perhaps generate a small pension, but the expertise of the British Pensions Consultants showed us how to maximize our qualifications, and boy did it ever. You guys helped us get pensions worth many times more than those suggested in the standard info provided by HM Pension Service.

Throughout the process and through the years both Tom and Peter were most helpful, professional and always supportive. They have been a joy to work with. I recommend their service to everyone. They do great things for their clients and the net benefit to us is huge.

Bill S
April 2013

I would like to thank British Pensions Consultants for a job well done. I am a US citizen who worked for an international energy company in London for most of the decade of the 1970’s.

As an expatriate I paid a hypothetical tax to my employer, who in return paid both UK and US taxes. I had heard for several years that I might be eligible for a UK pension. About five years ago I started investigating the possibilities of applying for a UK pension. In my Internet search I came across British Pensions Consultants and the rest is history.

British Pensions did everything for me including research, applications, follow up. They were totally professional. Their knowledge of the UK pension regulations and their experience with helping many pensioners meant a seamless effort for me in receiving a life time pension. That same knowledge also meant British Pensions was able to show me how to qualify my wife for a pension, which she is now receiving.

It is truly a pleasure to express what a fine job British Pensions did for me in becoming a UK pensioner.

April 2013

Through friends I heard of who had managed to get them their entitlement of UK pensions.

After being in touch with Tom and Peter Hewetson in October 2012 they started the process of getting me my UK pension. With just a few forms to fill out and a little correspondence they managed to secure my full entitlement for me.

I know that without them I would have certainly paid UK tax on my back dated claim and not have been aware of even more entitlements. I am very grateful to them and highly recommend them to friends and anyone who worked even a few years in the UK.

From the 705
April 2013

I first met Peter Hewetson at a show “The Brits Are Coming” at the Exhibition Place in Toronto. Peter had a booth there, this was in 2008.

Next I talked to his father Tom who worked for the Pension people back home. He knows all the ins and outs of the system. It didn’t take long before they secured a “full British Pension” for me.

If Tom ever decides to retire, the business will be in the very capable hands of Peter. The company motto is, “No Pension, No Fee”, you have nothing to lose.

F & M.K.
Southwest Ontario
March 2013

I can’t thank you enough. There is a chance I might have just let this slip by & now we have the equivalent of a new car every year (and not a Morris Minor) Thanks again!

March 2013

British Pensions Consultants offer a hassle-free way of acquiring your UK pension. All the bureaucracy and UK DWP communications were taken care of and our pensions are directly-deposited as arranged. BPC also provided a follow-up service just to confirm that pensions were being received as arranged! We highly recommend them.

B & A
Bracebridge, Ont
March 2013

We don’t normally write letters like this because we expect a certain level of professionalism for paid services. However, you have excelled and we would like to give you a heartfelt “Thank You” for your very professional and courteous service.

As you know, I tried to apply for my British Pension on my own with a disastrous results. It’s far too complicated and there is much information that is not imparted to the applicant that affects the final pension amount. It takes specialized knowledge to navigate through the minefield of British Pensions.

We are ecstatic that we found you. Your in-depth knowledge of the British Pension System maximized our pensions far beyond what we could have done on our own. We were very impressed with the final pension amount you obtained for us because it greatly exceeded our expectations.

Unlike many companies, you have kept your word regarding your continued service after the pensions were activated. You are still providing a valuable service to us.

We both thank you very much.

March 2013

Several years ago I had the pleasure and good fortune to meet with Tom Hewetson of British Pensions Consultants. After he had taken my information and contacted the Pension office in the UK, my projected weekly pension could only buy me a pint of beer.

After working with Tom and his son Peter, my pension forecast has now put me very close to a full pension. Thank you both for your hard work and continuing advice over the years.

T & P
March 2013

On behalf of my husband and myself, a big “thank you” for your help in assisting us with our British Pension. Well, you did it all really and we are most grateful.

We will certainly recommend your service all our Brit friends or anyone who asks – you really do know your “stuff” !

Please find enclosed the final payment – you have been a pleasure to do business with.

March 2013

I just want to thank you for the good work done by you and Tom in securing UK pensions for my wife and I. It was many years since I had worked in the UK, and even though I knew my old reference number I had been warned by other exile Brits that I could expect a bureaucratic nightmare and have to jump through a lot of hoops to obtain anything, let alone the full entitlement.

If I had to do it again, I would not hesitate to use your services. I consider you my lobbyists in the corridors of power.

March 2013

British Pensions Consultants offer a hassle-free way of acquiring your UK pension. All the bureaucracy and UK DWP communications were taken care of and our pensions are directly-deposited as arranged. BPC also provided a follow-up service just to confirm that pensions were being received as arranged! We highly recommend them.

Milton, Ontario
March 2013

I first met Tom Hewetson at The British Show in 2006. I cannot begin to express how much this meeting has meant to me. Tom and Peter have guided me for the past seven years resulting in a pension that will make a huge difference to my financial well being. With their knowledge and their contacts Tom and Peter worked magic to give me the highest possible pension entitlement after payback. I will recoup the payback within two years.

Over the seven year period they have kept in touch with me annually advising me when necessary and reminding me of a due date when necessary. They have been professional, courteous and supportive, while at the same time, feeling like friends.

I am truly blessed that destiny brought me into contact with Tom and Peter and I highly recommend them to anyone considering a British pension. My life is “richer” is so many ways!

Thank you Tom and Peter so very much for making such a difference in my life.

A Swede in BC
March 2013

I am a Swede now living in Canada happily married to a beautiful English girl. We have been married for 35 years now. Thanks to you getting my wife an increased pension I now receive the equivalent of 60% of my wife’s British pension even though I never ever lived or worked in the UK !!

We appreciate all the work you have done for us and highly recommend you both to anyone looking for help in obtaining their British pensions.

H & B
March 2013

I am writing to say how grateful I am that I contacted British Pensions Consultants Inc. I immigrated to Canada in 1975 and last year a friend mentioned that I may be eligible for a pension from Britain. I had absolutely no idea where I would start my search then a friend told me about your company.

I cannot believe with a little information on my part you did all the work, got me my pension and much to my disbelief you got my husband a pension too. He is not even a British subject. Thanks to your knowledge of the pension system my husband and I are enjoying extra income each month.

I would never have attempted to do this on my own and will be forever grateful. If broached on the subject I would most certainly recommend you to any and all of my friends and acquaintances in the future.

D & A
Jan 2013

In 2007 my husband got in touch with Tom Hewetson to see if he was eligible for a Bitish Pension. Not only did he obtain a pension for him at a much higher rate than we had expected but explained that I too was eligible for a pension of my own.

In less than a year we both had our pensions and have received them ever since with no problems. This year, 2013, we e- mailed Tom with a question that had arisen. Not only did he remember us, he actually called us back here in Arizona within half an hour and of course with the answer to our question.

We would highly recommend his service to anyone looking into their British pension possibilities. When my husband turned 65 we had tried looking into it ourselves and had just given up after trying to work our way through the paperwork. With his “no pension, no fee” guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

D & M
Stratford, Ont
Jan 2013

Since 2006, Peter and Tom have been instrumental in getting our British Pensions claims approved.

They are a force to be reckoned with. Concise, amiable, dogged, and great communicators.

We initially heard Peter speaking at a presentation in Toronto and we were unaware that we were eligible for a British Pension. We contacted Peter from home via email, and from then on, he and Tom, worked ardently to get us approved.

We cannot express how extremely grateful we are to Peter and Tom; every year we received instructions and updates until we finally reached pensionable age. It is with some degree of sadness that we have successfully completed the process, as we will not be hearing from them again.

Do not hesitate in contacting Peter or Tom at British Pensions Consultants Inc., if you think you may be eligible for a British Pension. Be warned however that you will be dazzled by their efficacy, wit, and charm. Thank you Peter and Tom from the bottom of our hearts.

Jan 2013

My working days in Britain didn’t amount to too many years so I wasn’t expecting to receive much of a pension, if anything. But, to my amazement money started to arrive to make a nice monthly income. I encourage anyone in the same situation to contact Mr. Hewetson and have him work on your behalf with British Pension Consultants. You may be pleasantly surprised!

A & N
Markham, Ontario
Jan 2013

We are very pleased to state that Tom Hewetson and Peter Hewetson of BPCI have conclusively provided us their status as Pensions experts. They have obtained pensions for me and my wife. They were both extremely knowledgeable and professional.

I was born in Pakistan and came to the UK in 1970, working there for several employers including London Transport and British Rail until 1977, before migrating to Canada. My wife had lived in Tanzania until she came to the UK where she trained as a nurse and worked in the NHS where the BPCI Claim proved that her NI contributions qualified her for a modest British State Pension. Thanks to Peter we learned that she was also entitled to several thousands of pounds in arrears which were very helpful as he had also uncovered a one-off opportunity for me to improve my pension by making quite a substantial one-off payment to HMR&C, should I wish to.

I have always worked in Administration so I am not easily daunted by forms and regulations, but the British Pensions Service is in a confusing league of their own!

Qualifications for Pensions – Arrears of Pensions – Spousal Pensions – ” Hollis Years” etc should have been simple, but were ALL very complicated, with different rules for men and women, rules changing according to date of birth, amount to pay dependant on your record of work, you name it – these were extremely tough to understand!

But NOT to the Hewetsons!

My wife and I are now receiving our British pension benefits regularly and we are very pleased with them.

These guys understand ALL of the above and more! They worked very hard to get the very best results for US! Without them asking all the right questions for us I simply cannot imagine we would have done anywhere near so well.

Thank you very much, Peter and Tom, your fees were very well worth it!

Carstairs, AB
Jan 2013

It is with great enthusiasm and thankfulness that I recommend the services of Tom & Peter Hewetson to acquire pension benefits from the United Kingdom.

All it took to start the process was a phone call. From there I immediately received an email identifying the documents and information that were required. Within six months not only did I start to receive the minimum amount I was entitled to but my wife who never lived or worked in the UK also received a monthly pension payment.

Tom & Peter continued to work diligently until the maximum entitlement were determined. It wasn’t until I decided which option best suited my circumstances that any payment to the UK government and to Tom & Peter was required. Their professionalism and knowledge was impeccable.

I would highly recommend using their services, as the financial benefits were more than worth the time and cost that it took to complete this process.

S & M
Rural Ontario
Dec 2012

One Sunday in 2004 my husband and I decided to go to Toronto to The British Show. Little did we know it would be one of the best decisions we have made.

By chance once at the show we came upon the CABP booth which happened to be “manned” by some very helpful enthusiastic people, one called Tom Hewetson.

Tom asked how long we had been in Canada and had we ever worked in England, when he learned that we had he asked if we had given any thought to what our entitlement may be from a British Pension. We had not. We were not near retirement age, and who thinks about years down the road, especially retirement.

We met with Tom once more and he explained how by paying a little money to the Inland Revenue over the next few years my husband would be entitled to a full Pension. Keeping us informed at all stages Tom began the process. Over the next few months communication began and at one point suddenly the Inland Revenue department began to give us problems. It appeared that they did not want to deal with Tom who had all the information from my husband, and had made all the initial contact.

Tom asked us to make a formal complaint, which we did, and the outcome was a contrite apologetic letter from the Inland Revenue and we won. Tom brought the exercise to a successful conclusion and my husband will start receiving his British pension in April next year, thanks to Tom’s knowledge, professionalism and sincere wish to help all expats get the best deal possible, we will be in receipt of a full British pension.

We were speaking to Tom again recently and he told us that we were his twenty-first client and now along with his son they have helped over twenty two hundred clients and we will be adding one more to that number as our son in law of 3 years was born in England and has only lived in Canada 3 years, we did not hesitate in saying to him he must contact Tom and Peter to find out his options and we know they will give him excellent advice.

Vancouver, BC
Dec 2012

I left Britain when I was 23 and I would never have contemplated applying for a British Pension were it not for another ex pat friend, recommending the services of Tom and Peter.

Even my Saturday job of selling shoes at Dolcis counted towards my British pension entitlement!

It has always irked me that my Father, now aged 88 and a WW II Veteran, living in the UK has never received any kind of War Vets pension from the British Government. I am delighted that I am now able to supplement his income by giving him my fifty five pounds per week, British pension!

Thanks Tom and Peter.

J & A
Dec 2012

My wife & I came to Canada in 1968 after working in N. Ireland for 7 years. When my wife retired just a couple of years ago we made enquires from the British Government as to how much she would receive for her U.K. pension, and we were informed that she would receive 10P per week. We thought this was some kind of error, so we decided to inquire elsewhere.

After checking out several web sites we came across British Pension Consultants. Tom explained to us that this was their normal response to anyone enquiring directly and went on to explain how his company after years of expertise would be able to get her pension increased. After several months my wife started receiving approx $150 every 4 weeks, deposited into her bank account, also a lump sum of almost $1000 for back payments.

I will be retiring next year 2013 and Tom has already started the ball rolling. When we were inquiring about my wife’s pension, Tom also got the information from me to start working on my pension. I was able to purchase 15 years contributions, giving me a total equivalent to 80% pension. After speaking with his son Peter recently, he told me I can now purchase another 20%, giving me a full 100% pension.

The cost of purchasing the additional years to get the full pension is fairly expensive, but considering the return on the investment, it is well worth the expense. Another point to consider is the fact that most women live longer than their husbands, and it is a great peace of mind to know that my pension will be transferred to her for as long as she is alive.

To anyone reading this, I would highly recommend that you contact Tom or Peter and have them work on their behalf, to receive the most pension possible.

B & M
Rural Ontario
Dec 2012

Sometimes you get unlucky and that’s a shame but you just get on with it. Nobody ever said life was going to be all roses. On the other hand, sometimes you get lucky and occasionally you get VERY lucky – then you’re on a roll ! My roll started in 2008 with my brother Eric telling me I should call someone he knew who could get me a pension. If I couldn’t qualify, this guy wouldn’t charge me a bean! I’m a Scot – I signed up – I had nothing to lose! I felt lucky! A bit optimistic I still thought – I’d left Glasgow 40 years ago at 17 having only worked for a couple of years as a hairdresser and was sure I needed more than that for a pension.

Amazingly, it seems that just then the UK Govt would give me 6.80 pounds a week for those 2 years with the option to get a lot more if I made some backpayments. This ex-pensions guy did the math for me and found that I could buyback 15 years and get it ALL back in 24 months of pension! I felt very lucky ! Tom found a way I still don’t understand, to get me a refund of 800 pounds and then told me the regulations had changed FOR THE BETTER so I got more years of backpayment for the same money. Still rolling ! Maybe I was getting really lucky now but these new regulations are WONDERFUL ! Out of the blue, Tom announced that my Macedonian husband (who has never set foot in GB and certainly never worked a day there) would get a pension from HMG just for being married to me! Perhaps my luck was rubbing off on my husband ?

This is a ROLL!

The bottom line from expecting nothing from those two years of work 40+ years ago is that I get just under 60 pounds a week and my husband receives 35 pounds a week. Nearly a hundred pounds a week together compared to the Govts first offer of 6 pounds 80! The difference is you need someone who knows about how it all works. Tom and Peter Hewetson kept cutting away at the red tape and showing me the math to invest in my British Pension. These guys know all about British Pensions!

Partly perhaps because of good timing, but certainly great advice, between M and I we are going to be over $7,500 better off every year till we meet our Maker. There is absolutely no way we could have done this ourselves. Not everyone will roll like we did, but with these guys NO-ONE loses! You only pay them if you WIN! You’ve certainly got nothing to lose to contact these guys and simply ASK. (Eric can’t tell everybody!)

Markham, Ont
Dec 2012

I would like to thank you both for the professional manner used to handle this matter for me. I, myself would simply have not been able to negotiate the final amount to be paid. Thank you both very much.

Newmarket, Ont
Dec 2012

Prior to emigrating to Canada in 1975 I had completed 12 years of pensionable employment thus qualifying me for a certain level of British pension. The problem was I didn’t know how much or how to apply for it. The rather obvious solution was to utilise the services of a pension specialist who understands how the system works. Again the same problem, which one? After numerous discussions with people that had successfully applied for a pension I was recommended to British Pensions run by Tom and Peter Hewetson.

After our initial discussion Tom and Peter presented us with 3 options which ranged from a pension of £3,500 to £7,700 per year. Note that this includes a partial pension for my wife even though she has never been employed in the UK. Applying the 15 year rule it was very obvious which option to choose even though there was a small investment to “buy up” the pension. We are now enjoying an extra $12,000 per year which is effectively found money. This would not have been possible without the professional help from British Pensions. Now if only the exchange rate would improve!

Whitby, Ont
Dec 2012

Is is possible that dealing with pensions could be a pleasant experience? I would never have thought so until I contacted British Pensions. Tom and Peter have been excellent people to work with – knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and professional. They made the whole process so easy. They were very patient at explaining the whole thing to me, efficiently negotiated the twists and turns with the UK, and followed up on my behalf. The result turned out much better than I could have done on my own. If you contact me I will highly recommend them to you. As they say, you have nothing to lose! All the best and a very Merry Christmas!

North Vancouver
Dec 2012

I first contacted Tom & Peter Hewetson just to please my wife who had been suggesting(?) for some time that I should check if there was any possibility of my qualifying for a small British pension. I had no such expectation as I emigrated to Canada at quite a young age and had only held down a “real” job for a year before leaving the UK. Most of my time had been spent studying but I had engaged in a lot of casual employment (part-time shop assistant, lab technician, and sundry holiday jobs).

Imagine my surprise when Peter informed me that I would be credited with 10 years of contributions and had only to pay one year’s “top-up” premiums to qualify for a substantial British State Pension. The necessary payment was modest considering the prospect of a life-long pension and, to top it all, my wife was entitled to a spousal pension and would inherit mine if I should predecease her!

Yes, you could “go it alone” and negotiate with the UK Pension Service yourself. But Tom & Peter have worked in the system. They know how it operates and how to get you the maximum benefit for the minimum outlay. For me the whole application process went very smoothly and I suffered absolutely no frustration at all, which is the usual lot of a layman dealing with a Government Dept. with its arcane rules and opaque procedures. Tom & Peter’s fees are modest considering their considerable expertise. If they find that you do not qualify for a pension, then there is no fee. So you have nothing to lose.

What are you waiting for?

Oakville, Ont
Dec 2012

I have asked Tom to write this for me as my English is not good. My late wife Jean did all our letter writing and it is because of her and her finding Tom that I am receiving the increased British Pension now.

I was born in Hungary in 1939 and married Jean, my English wife in England in 1966. Jean was a member of CABP (who are trying to have British Pensions indexed in Canada) when she met Tom in 2008. As I say, she handled all letter writing and although she had only worked a few years in the UK, she made backpayments and Tom got her a pension. She was very pleased.

Later, Tom told us that because of new changes in British law I might get a pension as her spouse based on her record. I had no knowledge of this but as he said for sure this was all legal, we made a claim and I received an additional “spousal allowance” of 60% of what Jean received!

Very sadly, in 2010, my lovely Jean passed away and to my surprise, although my pension from Jean stopped, I started to get the same amount as her pension and I’m still receiving it. Finally absolutely nothing of this whole little story could be told without Tom constantly contacting us about our legal entitlements under British Pension regulations we never knew about. Without him, none of this could have happened.

From a Hungarian/British/Canadian with not good English but a British Pension, thank you very much, Tom.

C & V
Nov 2012

We were very grateful to Tom and Peter Hewetson for their persistence and hard work in obtaining our British pensions. With good humour they successfully navigated obscure bureaucratic channels and delivered the promised results on time.
Their service was excellent and we are pleased to recommend British Pensions Consultants.

J & C
Brantford, Ont
Nov 2012

I would like to give my thanks and lots of praise to Tom and Peter Hewetson of British Pension Consultants Inc. I can’t thank them enough for all of their help in getting my British Pension sorted out. I didn’t think for one minute that I would even qualify for a pension as I had only worked in Scotland for 4 years. I do know that without their help I would not now be receiving a pension at all, I would not have applied myself as it all just looked too complicated.

I was just looking on the internet at how to go about applying when I saw the ad for British Pension Consultants Inc and, on the spur of the moment called them. I spoke with Tom and he informed me that I should receive at least a small amount and that, if they could not get me a pension, even though they were providing a lot of work, that I wouldn’t have to pay them anything as their motto is “No Pension No Fee”. How is that for service?

T & H
Nov 2012

We had the good fortune to meet Tom Hewetson at a Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners presentation in 2004. Up to that point we had not realised that we were entitled to a British Pension nor how to maximise it at modest cost. Tom, and subsequently Peter, guided us through the process and made the appropriate contacts with “the department” in Newcastle. Acting on their recommendations has produced a successful outcome and a significant return on our investment. I heartily recommend them to anyone who is curious as to their eligibility or considering applying for a British Pension.

The result of all the work was that I had to send in an amount to “Top Up” my pension entitlement and in March I received the first deposit into my bank account. Also apparently my husband will receive a pension when he turns 65. Not only did British Pension Consultants manage to get me more than first anticipated they also got an amount for my husband.

Everything was handled wonderfully well, with I might add, minimal input from me. All I had to do was provide the documents required and Tom and Peter did everything else. A lot of work on their end and just the information required from me.

D & K
Nov 2012

My wife Katy and I are very pleased to provide this recommendation to any ex Brit who might consider hiring THE HEWETSON’s company, BRIT PENSIONS, to assist them as they apply for and secure Benefits due from the British System.

We were introduced to their company by another already fully satisfied client who emigrated to Canada, as we had, considerably more than 30 years ago. With no experience in these matters, not being sure of how to go about the application process, and with little confidence that any effort to pursue the possibility would end up as anything except stalemate and complete waste of time, we thought there was nothing to lose; especially since we would only pay based on results.

Peter was confident however of success so we forwarded him some not too hard to find information and quite honestly thought we might hear little more about it. This was not to be the case. It soon became plain to us that the Hewetson’s really do know a lot about how the System works over there, care about their clients and most importantly know how to go about things. Within not so many months, lo and behold, a DEPOSIT was wired to our Canadian Bank Account. HALLELUJAH !!

Yes a 4 figure sum in Canadian dollars arriving as if by magic that we in no way expected and what’s more, apart from the funds being backdated to when we could have first received it, regular monthly amounts continue to arrive from TYNEVIEW PARK. However the Hewetsons weren’t fully satisfied with their achievement on our behalf and soon, subsequent to some fine tuning with some additional information from us as well as our forwarding a modest top up payment ( by that time we fully trusted their advice ), the amount we now receive monthly is some 50% higher than when this started.

These Hewetsons are what they claim to be; experts. You have nothing to lose by hiring them if you were born and lived in Britain and now reside permanently elsewhere in the world. If they agree that you will be eligible, based on our experience you can very likely consider that as good as money in the bank.
Their fee to achieve what they have for us was very reasonable.

G & J
Georgetown, Ontario
Nov 2012

While strolling through the vendors and various business displays at the Georgetown highland games in June 2004, I saw this one business sign advertising “British pensions”. Having immigrated to Canada from Scotland in 1968, the pension was the furthest thing from my mind. I decided to ask the gentleman sitting there for some information. He introduced himself as Tom Hewetson, and explained to me in some detail that I could be eligible for a partial BP payment.
The rest is history. My wife and I are now enjoying regular BP payments thanks to that chance meeting with Tom.

Dr. MS
Nov 2012

I strongly recommend the services of BPC. In my personal experience, the Hewetson insights into the Machiavellian intrigues of the British Pension Service, and the BPS’s totally incomprehensible language, make for a painless application process with a completely successful outcome for both my wife and me who emigrated to Canada some 35 years prior to attaining our ‘majority’.
BPC have a policy of ‘no pension, no payment’ – I suspect they are, deservedly, doing very nicely, thank you!

Nov 2012

Just a note to thank you for your prompt and knowledgeable assistance in pursuing pensions for my wife and I from the British Pensions service.
In the case of my wife, she emigrated to Canada decades ago and was very pleased that you were able to promptly secure a British pension for her.
My case was unusual. I was born in Canada, and never lived or worked a day in Britain. Nevertheless, as I was married to a British-born pensioner, and you advised that the latest regulations stated that I too was entitled to a British spousal pension. This came as a complete surprise to me, and as a result of your efforts I very soon began receiving a monthly income from the British Pensions office.
Thanks very much for your assistance and diligence.

The Reverend Canon Michael Burgess
Oct 2012

Although I had read the glowing reviews of the services you offer, I must confess that in 2007 when I gave you authority to act on my behalf with the British Pensions Office I had little confidence that you would be successful in getting a pension for me – the UK tax authorities had been insistent that I was not entitled to one.
Imagine how surprised and delighted I was when you called a few weeks later to tell me that a pension would be paid me if I were to pay a fairly insignificant amount in pension contributions. The difficulty with that was that I didn’t have the money. “No problem,” you said, “I will come to the bank with you when you apply for a loan.”
My bank manager was so impressed by your presentation to him that he advanced me the money I needed, and I was soon drawing the pension I thought I should never get! Within months, I had paid back both the loan and your fee and was receiving a pension from the country which had told me I wasn’t entitled to one, and it makes a real difference to my financial situation.
Asking you to act for me was one of the most intelligent decisions I have ever made. I really cannot thank you enough.
(Ed. Note: Many clients have successfully used our documentation to apply for loans in order to “top-up” past contribution years, which generates a much larger pension. We are happy to give you tips on how to do this, but we don’t actually visit bank managers on your behalf – this exceptional case happened to be at our local bank)

County Mayo, Ireland
Sept 2012

I am an Irish Citizen but I grew up in England and worked there till I was about 30 years old. I never thought I was even eligible to get a British Pension based on my few years in England.
What a great job British Pension Consultants did for me and my family since I am now receiving a pension that I never expected. If you ever worked in England give them a phone call.

Sept 2012

As my husband and I had spent very few working years in England we did not think we would be entitled to any pensions. When we were told by our bank manager…an ex-pat…that we would be entitled we had no idea how to go about applying.
After a web search we found the British Pension Consultants, Peter and Tom Hewetson. At first I was very nervous and sceptical, especially when they wanted some personal information, but they came through with flying colours. These guys are the experts, they know what they are doing and how to get the best for their clients.
I am happy to give them a full recommendation for any British person living in Canada and looking to apply for a British pension. Trust them, they are good. Also, as a footnote, the British system is amazing, money showed up in my bank account so fast that, initially, I had no idea where it had come from, it was only weeks since we had sent in the application. I myself had only worked part time for a couple of years in England but I am still getting about $200 a month from England, so well worth the effort of contacting Peter and Tom and giving them the information that they needed to make the application. Thanks guys!

Barrie, Ontario
Sept 2012

Having recently attained the golden age of 65 years I am now the recipient of my UK state pension. As an ex-pat who worked in England before immigrating to Canada, I was not aware of any pensionable entitlements I could receive from the UK. However, after an initial consultation, you not only put me in the picture about this, but subsequently provided both a dilligent and thoroughly professional service in obtaining my UK pension.
I now understand what a minefield of correspondance and form filling I would have encountered had I tried to obtain the pension myself. Your experience and knowledge in these matters made the fee payable to you seem miniscule and therefore worth every penny and then some.
(Editors note: This gentleman met us at the Old British Isles show in Toronto, 2007, having worked only 7 years in the UK. He made very low cost backpayments and he and his wife are now receiving 29/30ths of the maximum pension)

Enjoying Retirement in Sudbury
Sept 2012

Five years ago I contacted Tom regarding the possibility of my getting a British pension. I emigrated to Canada at the age of 18, so I really didn’t hold much hope of the answer being yes.
However to my surprise and delight, Tom took the ball and ran with it. He did all of the paperwork, found out how much I would have to pay back in order to qualify, and lo and behold shortly thereafter I started receiving my British Pension.
I certainly could not have done this on my own, the paperwork involved, is indeed rather involved, but Tom being the expert that he is saw to it that every detail was covered. I would definitely recommend both Tom and Peter to anyone thinking about pursuing the possibility of receiving a British Pension.

Brooklyn & Massachusetts
Sept 2012

I am a Yank from Brooklyn, New York and now live in Massachusetts after a working in England for a short time in-between. I have a British pension due to the efforts of Tom Hewetson. If you ever worked in the UK, you may also be eligible to receive a British pension which is inflation linked in the USA.
British Pension Consultants will do all the work. I never thought I was eligible to receive a pension before I spoke to them.
The extra pounds are wonderful – thank you British Pension Consultants.

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Sept 2012

I recommend the services of British Pensions Consultants. Their diligence and hard work obtained a British State Pension for me, a pension which I believe I would not have obtained on my own.
Because of their thorough knowledge of the British State Pension system I also acquired additional monies. Using British Pension Consultants was one of the smarter financial decisions I have ever made, I would like to thank them for their efforts on my behalf, and I strongly recommend their services to anyone seeking a British State Pension.

Aug 2012

Thank you for forwarding the last communication from UK about my additional contribution; I have been very pleasantly surprised by the final outcome. I appreciated the advice you gave me about claiming your fee on my income tax, which we filed recently.
You were tireless in your efforts on my behalf and I would not hesitate to recommend the services of British Pensions Consultants. Thank you for everything you did to achieve the best possible pension for me.

Glad to be Retired
Georgetown, Ontario
Aug 2012

I met Tom Hewetson 8 years ago at the Georgetown Highland Games, where he had a booth set-up to promote awareness of British Pensions. After an informative conversation with Tom I authorized him to contact the UK Pensions Department for an estimate on the amount of pension I would be entitled to receive upon retirement.
Thanks to Tom’s expertise, I went from 22 pounds a week to over 100 pounds a week. This increase in my pension was entirely due to Tom’s advising me that I could back pay pension contributions for 8 years (and at a bargain rate!)
I am happy to say I am now retired and enjoying the extra income in sunny Mexico thanks to Tom of British Pension Consultants.
My advice to any person who has worked in the UK is – “talk to Tom.”

T & S
Waterloo, Ontario
Aug 2012

After thrashing around with H.M. Pensions Dept for many years without success and leaving enough relevant information for Inspector Clouseau, on his worst day, to find my records, I was finally put in touch with British Pension Consultants by an old friend from Wales who knew Tom from his Civil Service days many years ago.
The results of his introduction were, to say the least, spectacular, efficient, courteous, and swift.
Within a very short time my wife and I were both in receipt of pensions, plus substantial arrears. I would recommend their services to anyone who has been subjected to the H.M. Pensions runaround.

M & R
Burlington, Ontario
Aug 2012

Many thanks for a job well done! Incidentally I spoke to a few people who have “done it on their own” and who originally scoffed at the idea of paying a consultant.
One didn’t know about the glass ceiling for his wife and ended up contributing too much, another ended up in a huge argument with the UK pension people that went on for months and another missed a payment and had their pension amount reduced.
Your service was first rate. Clear, concise with fast responses to my questions. You handled the UK pension bureaucracy (rather you than me) superbly.
So we are very satisfied with the result, many thanks Peter.

Richmond Hill, Ontario
Aug 2012

I wanted to thank you and Peter for your efforts on my behalf with the British Pension Service. You made my application much easier than I could possibly have accomplished on my own, and certainly achieved maximum results.
In the first instance you obtained a weekly pension of £33.76 (about $211.40 monthly), which is I believe where most applicants would have stopped, (not satisfied, but stopped in frustration.) At that time I feel sure that most applicants would have have been satisfied that this was their due pension, and accepted the award.
However, you persisted and after a considerable amount of ‘back-and-forth’ correspondence, this pension was increased to a weekly amount £46.27, and with a lump sum award of £8,802.47, which included a Graduated Retirement Benefit of £101.55.
Again thank you, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Courtice, Ontario
Aug 2012

Having only worked a few years in the UK before immigrating, it was my lucky day 10 years ago pensions-wise when I stumbled upon Tom Hewetson. From some initial investigating on my own, I was fully convinced I could not qualify for a British Pension.
Today I am drawing a British Pension and all thanks to Tom. He did all the paperwork and lived up to his guarantee of getting me the best pension. Even today, Tom still readily gives me advice when needed. What a wealth of information he has. I am very happy to refer his service.

Aug 2012

Just a note to tell you that I cannot recommend highly enough the service that you provide for those of us looking to receive our British Pensions here in U.S.A. Like all bureaucratic organizations, the British Pensions Office is a complicated institution and tends to move at a snail-like pace. Without your knowledgeable advice and instructions, I would still be sweating it out over the paperwork, and certainly wouldn’t have known which way to turn.
As a result of finding your firm, thanks to a Canadian friend, I am now receiving a very welcome pension from the U.K. As I say, I would pass your name to anyone who is anxious to receive their rightful due for work done.
You guys are a godsend! Thank you both so much for your courteous and very effective efforts on my behalf.

Rural Ontario
Aug 2012

Please find enclosed a cheque to cover fees related to my British Pension. I very much appreciate the work you have done and the guidance provided. The end result is far better than I anticipated when we first started this process. I definitely would not have achieved this without your services.

Barrie, Ontario
Aug 2012

I would like to thank you for obtaining a British Pension for myself and one for my wife. I had called you in May 2011 and was impressed by your knowledge of HMR&C operations and the fact that you said I would qualify for a pension although I had only worked in the UK for 4 years. Your professionalism and knowledge was first rate which was a blessing since I rarely understood much of the correspondence I received from HMR&C. Following your advice to ‘top up’ previous years of service I now have a nice pension. I would highly recommend your services.

Aug 2012

I am so pleased that a British/Canadian friend here in Mexico turned me on to British Pensions Consultants Inc. I left the UK after only a few years of working there so thought I wasn’t entitled to anything. I was thrilled to discover that with just a small back payment, which I made back in a year, I now get a monthly pension paid directly into my bank. Always knew that I could afford to retire in sunny Mexico, where the cost of living is so much lower but the extra pounds every month allows me to live a luxurious life and the Hewetsons did all the work.

J & B
Aug 2012

We both would like to thank you very much for obtaining my British pension as well as one for my wife. During Christmas holidays we were interested in seeing if I was qualified to receive a British Pension, as I’d only worked 3 years in the U.K., before moving to Canada.
Seeing your ad, we looked it through and read the testimonials and felt that we had nothing to lose, and could only gain by contacting British Pension Consultants. We emailed in December, and received a reply promptly telling me that not only would I get a pension but my wife (who has never lived in the UK) would as well!
The fact that we didn’t have to deal with HM Revenue & Customs was a real delight, and now that we have “topped-up” the pension and will pay for additional years, we will receive a very nice pension which was totally unexpected.
We highly recommend your professional services, and have already recommended you to a friend in the same situation as myself. Thank you again!

G & J
Vancouver Island
Aug 2012

My husband and I both used British Pensions Consultants Inc. to claim our British pensions (initially Tom Hewetson, and more recently Peter). We have been extremely pleased with them, in terms of both the size of settlement achieved, their professionalism and knowledge of the British system.
We have since recommended them to a number of other British expats, several of whom (like us) received pensions they had not expected to be entitled to.

The Reluctant Pensioner
Brampton, Ontario
July 2012

I am the reluctant pensioner, having worked full time since leaving school at 17. Upon turning 60 I found the R (retirement) and P (pension) words creeping into my mind. Retire? Me? Never! But having two older sisters whom I always looked up to, they convinced me to consider getting my British pension.
Both sisters had successfully obtained their pensions from the UK. Having only worked for four years in the UK, I wondered, could I? Should I? My older sister put me in touch with British Pensions Consultants and I was delighted with the result. Even after starting the process I had a few doubts as to whether or not it would be worth it, but reassured by Mr Hewetson, I persevered and sent all documents and back payments required and now I too am receiving my British Pension according to what is due to me.
All thanks to British Pensions Consultants and I am very happy with my result. That was easy!!!
Thanks British Pensions Consultants.

Retired and Happy in Windsor
July 2012

I worked for many years in the U.K., including National Service in the Royal Signals, and in all that time I paid into the appropriate retirement schemes. Once I moved to Canada, I assumed that any claim I might have on the funds would be rejected. The Hewetsons showed me that I was completely wrong, and due to their efforts I now have a monthly pension from the U.K., as does my wife, and also have received back payments from the time before I applied for the pension. I get what I am entitled to, but only do so due to the efforts of British Pension Consultants.

C & D
South of Ottawa
July 2012

The cheque is in the mail, and it goes with our sincere thanks for all the excellent work you have done for us. I would unhesitatingly recommend to anyone seeking to claim a British pension the services of British Pension Consultants Inc. At all times the services provided by consultants Peter Hewetson and Tom Hewetson was exemplary. More specifically, the services provided were at all times accurate, timely and professional. Both Peter and Tom bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the services they provide. It was a pleasure doing business with these personable gentlemen.

July 2012

Please find enclosed our cheque for your fee with many thanks for your good work getting our UK Pensions. Having looked at the UK Pensions website, I felt totally intimidated by it and had just about given up on getting anything at all from them when I found a link to your site on the RAF Forum placed there by another of your happy clients.
Thanks also to you and Tom for helping my wife recover the tax that HMR&C had wrongly deducted from our award – I believe that you supplying just the right words to get it back made the refund that much more certain!

Oakville Car Enthusiast
July 2012

Well, the pension cheques are now coming in every four weeks just as you said they would when I first met you. That was at the British Car Show in Bronte Creek in September 2006. A chance meeting, as I was really there to see the cars!
Anyway, I worked a few summers in the UK as a youth and just over four years as a graduate engineer. I left the UK in 1973, 39 years ago and I had no expectation that I would ever be entitled to a UK pension, and certainly with my contributions to that time I would not be entitled to one now! You showed me how I could not only claim a pension but how I could top up my contributions over the next few years until I reached the magic age of 65. So I did, and now I am receiving 93% of the full pension amount. Amazingly the full amount of the “topping-up” that I did over 5 years will be fully repaid to me as pension in only 14 months!
Unbelievable!! The fact that my wife will ultimately also receive a pension from HMG is an unexpected and delightful bonus.
So, thank you both for your expert advice and guidance, your attention to detail and for “Doing What You Said You Would Do”

Willowdale, Ontario
June 2012

A belated thank you for your help securing my pension. Back in 2006 I was originally offered the princely sum of 61p a week by those kind people in Newcastle, but thanks to your help, I receive £ 150 a month. Much appreciated.

Windsor, Ontario
June 2012

I want to thank you both very much on behalf of my mum, dad, and myself. Without you gentlemen I wouldn’t have had a clue about any of the proceedings needed to get them a pension!
None of this would have happened if my dad hadn’t found your 2005 ad in the paper and had me inquire about your services. I’m also really glad we took your advice and did it early so we had time to make “catch up” payments to increase the pension to a full pension – mum and dad got even more money than what you quoted all those years ago!
Once again, thank you so so much for guiding us through this process and for being there patiently answering all the silly questions at the time. Plus, of course, making it a much easier procedure for me 🙂
Look forward to hearing from you Peter in a few weeks. Tom, its always a pleasure to talk to you on the phone.
Thank you both!

P & V
June 2012

“You can be young without money but you can’t be old without it.” Tennessee Williams.
My Financial Advisor suggested that since I had worked in Britain before emigrating to Canada I might be eligible to receive a British Pension. While considering the daunting task of attempting to secure the pension on my own I had the incredible good luck to find the British Pension Inc. website on line.
Through Peter and Tom’s tireless efforts ( over a two-year period) my wife and I are now receiving our British pensions!
Professionalism, honesty and tenacity all tempered with a sense of humour would best describe the incredible service we have received from Peter and Tom. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending British Pensions Inc. to anyone considering applying for a British Pension.

E & J
Niagara Peninsula
June 2012

To say thank you isn’t quite enough for the help that you have both been to us. We look forward to this coming year knowing that thanks to your excellent work we will both be enjoying retirement more financially sound.
By the time I had reached my 60th birthday I had given up hopes of getting any pension from Britain. So when Jim came home from work with a copy of an email that a co-worker had received from you letting him know that you could assist him in getting a pension from Britain, it aroused our interest. We went to your website and read the testimonials from other satisfied clients. The final point of sale was your promise of “no pension, no fee” – words to sell any good Scotsman!
A phone call later and you had started working on our behalf. It’s been just over a year since that phone call and since then you managed to get me a pension that I never thought possible, and as of January 2012, both Jim and I will be receiving a better pension than our Canadian pension.
I have nothing but thanks and appreciation for all your efforts, without your expertise and knowledge we would not have been able to find our way through the maze that is the British pension system. May you continue to help other lost Brits and enjoy good health and well-being for many years to come!
Thankyou for making our future a more prosperous one.

P & M
June 2012

Tom/ Peter:
Many thanks for your invaluable assistance in negotiating the “bureaucratic minefield” and assisting my wife and I to obtain full British Pensions…. we couldn’t have done it without you.
For those wise enough to be contemplating the very professional advice/ services of British Pension Consultants Inc, here, by way of testimonial, is our story:
Friends, who were already clients of Tom’s, were very pleased with the service that Tom provided…. and the amount of pension that Tom was able to obtain for them… and recommended that we give Tom a call. What better recommendation is there than a word of mouth success story from a trusted friend ? After looking into Tom’s web site and his initial offer of “A free phone call to determine whether you qualify for a pension or not “, we figured what did we have to lose ? After the call was made and a very personable Tom gave us an initial opinion that we were entitled to full state pensions, we entered into a signed contract and Tom took over from there.
Dealing with ANY bureaucracy is always painful. Dealing with a domestic Government agency and their officials (you don’t have any alternative) is even more painful, and dealing with any foreign Government agency and their officials (once again, you don’t have any alternative ) can be positively excruciating. Governments per se will only pay out what they have to, and even then you’ve very much got to know what your entitlements are, which forms to fill in, which documents are required etc, etc….. a whole myriad of “hurdles” to jump. Government employees are in the business of minimizing, not maximizing, payments.
Being fully aware of this, and of the legal maxim: “Only a fool has himself for a client”, we “amateurs” placed ourselves in Tom’s “professional” hands. A very wise move on our part.
As a long term ex-employee of the British Pension Service, Tom not only knew the “ins and outs” of the convoluted processes but was actually “on the other side of the fence” when they were implemented thus having deep knowledge and experience of the various processes that quite often the current British Pension Service staff with whom he was dealing do not possess. Indeed, in one conversation, one of the British Pension Service staff was intending to insult Tom but , unintentionally, actually paid Tom highest possible compliment when he said: “You are nothing but a Gamekeeper turned poacher”.
In conclusion…..
My wife and I regard the fees spent to be very good investment and excellent value for money. Tom and Peter always made rapid response to any of our many questions and have become valued and trusted friends… consequently, based upon their actual performance and of promises not only made but actually delivered … I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the services of British Pension Consultants to anybody wishing to investigate their own eligibility for a British Pension.

You’d be “a mug” not to do so.

Laid back in California
June 2012

I left England in 1969 the tender age of 22, I had paid into the U.K pension system from age 16 until I left. Which means that I paid into the system for around 6 years. Before my mother died she made me promise that I would claim my pension, I told her I probably would not get anything, but she insisted I was entitled to something, she even gave me the address to write to in Newcastle.
I live in San Diego, USA and one of my two sisters lives in Canada. During several of our phone conversations she had told me about the runaround the people in the U.K. pensions office had given her when she applied for a pension at age 60 (she is a couple of years younger than me, but women can claim at age 60 and men at 65), they had basically told her she had not paid into the system long enough to get a pension. During this time she had a conversation with some others Brits in Canada and they told her about Tom Hewetson and British Pensions Consultants. She called Tom and told him her details. He assured her she was entitled to a pension, which because of him she is now getting.
After my sister told me about Tom Hewetson I immediately called him in Canada and explained my situation (I was 64 years old then), he told me I was definitely entitled to a pension and in fact there had been some recent changes in the law that affected people born in certain years that would benefit me in a very positive way. Tom used to work for the pension system in the U.K. and knows all the ins and outs of it, he made getting my pension very simple, I was even allowed to buy back some years to increase it. I have been getting a monthly deposit to my bank from the UK for a year now. My pension is half of the full pension and with the recent increase, this month I will be getting an increase to around $350 US dollars every 4 weeks.
I calculated that including British Pensions Consultants fees and the cost of buying back some years the pay back time for me was about 9 months, so now I am money ahead every month and will be for the rest of my life, its be best return on investment I have ever got. Also my wife who has never set foot in the UK will get a pension when she reaches age 60. I highly recommend that anyone who had paid in the U.K pension system or even the spouse of someone who has, give Tom Hewetson a call, if he can’t get you a pension it costs you nothing, so you have nothing to lose.
Meanwhile I must say I really enjoy seeing that money go into my bank every month.

J and C
Nova Scotia
May 2012

Thank goodness for British Pensions Consultants. When I first calculated what I might get for a pension from the UK government site, it was a pittance. Luckily I came across Tom and his company online and called him for help. I sent him my information, and was amazed at what I would get every month. He did all the paper work for me, and within a few months I was receiving a pension for far more than I had anticipated.
He also found out my husband would get a married man’s allowance for me. This we were were completely unaware of, and has calculated his pension for me when he turns 65. Tom made us aware our pensions would double if we topped up, and this we have done. We are very pleased at the amounts we are getting and will get.
Tom kept us fully updated along the way by email and phone. His payment is also claimable on income tax. We have recommended him to others in our province. His company is efficient and his experience with the pension department in Newcastle is invaluable. I highly recommend his services to anyone eligible to receive a British Pension, no matter how few years you have worked in the UK before coming to Canada.

Rural Ontario
May 2012

At present, I live in rural Ontario, having moved from Britain in 1975. I grew up in Southern England, working part time while at school and as a college student. I attended teachers training college for 3 years, and was a teacher for one year, before going to Canada.
A friend passed on the information regarding the British Pensions Consultants website. I had a lovely chat with Tom Hewetson and his son Peter about my background, and after giving them the relevant information, they went to work!
I was thrilled and amazed to find that I was eligible for a small pension. However, if I paid into the pension fund I could increase my allowance, which I have done, plus my Canadian born husband is entitled to a small pension as well.
Thanks Tom and Peter, you have been great!

Grateful outside the GTA
May 2012

Following an inspired tip-off from my (now favourite!) pharmacist, my husband and I made our British Pensions Claim via BPC and after a year we are fully in payment.
We would like to thank you and Peter for all the time and determination you put into getting us our British Pensions. I know you modestly keep saying “it is your legal entitlement” but we certainly didn’t know about it , would never have been able to do it on our own and would have given up long before a year was up!
We really appreciate your hard work on our behalf – thanks again!

Medic in London, Ontario
May 2012

May I say how efficient and professional your services to us have been and how much we have appreciated the clarity of your communications and instructions. It has been a pleasure to have done business with BPC and I wish you all good fortune in your future endeavours.

M & B
British Columbia
May 2012

We started working with British Pension Consultants Inc in 2008, approximately four years before out 2012 retirement dates. At the time, through my own efforts I had received an estimate from HM Revenue and Customs that I would be entitled to a pension of approximately 67 pence per week.
The Hewetson’s initial review showed that I could increase this pension to approximately 60 pounds per week for me and approximately 40 pounds per week for my wife by making additional contributions for prior years.
Over the last four years Tom and Peter have advised us of other opportunities where we could make additional contributions that would further increase our British Pensions. We took advantage of these opportunities and the end result was that when I reached my 65th birthday earlier this year I started receiving a 93% British Pension and my wife started receiving the corresponding Spousal Pension.
While the additional contributions and fees impacted our cash flow over the last few years, the lifelong benefits in our retirement years make this the best investment I have ever made.

May 2012

Thanks to your expertise and guidance over the past 8 years we are now enjoying our full British pensions. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Academic in PQ
April 2012

Please find enclosed payment for your BPCI services and your wise council in securing my UK pension. I could not have done this without your expertise and unfailing support to navigate the HMRC bureaucratic hurdles!
It was my good fortune to find your services online, and I am very happy and confidently recommending BPC to colleagues and friends. Your efficiency and good humour made this rather daunting process go smoothly and with a few light-hearted interactions along the way. Thank you so much for everything!

Very Satisfied in Brantford
Mar 2012

I would like to give my thanks and lots of praise to Tom and Peter Hewetson of British Pension Consultants Inc. I can’t thank them enough for all of their help in getting my British Pension sorted out. I didn’t think for one minute that I would even qualify for a pension as I had only worked in Scotland for 4 years. I do know that without their help I would not now be receiving a pension at all, I would not have applied myself as it all just looked too complicated.
I was just looking on the internet at how to go about applying when I saw the ad for British Pension Consultants Inc and, on the spur of the moment called them. I spoke with Tom and he informed me that I should receive at least a small amount and that, if they could not get me a pension, even though they were providing a lot of work, that I wouldn’t have to pay them anything as their motto is “No Pension No Fee”. How is that for service?
The result of all the work was that I had to send in an amount to “Top Up” my pension entitlement and in March I received the first deposit into my bank account. Also apparently my husband will receive a pension when he turns 65. Not only did British Pension Consultants manage to get me more that first anticipated they also got an amount for my husband.
Everything was handled wonderfully well, with I might add, minimal input from me. All I had to do was provide the documents required and Tom and Peter did everything else. A lot of work on their end and just the information required from me.

Grateful in Guelph
Mar 2012

In 2007 I saw the BPCI ad and thought I would take a chance to see if I was eligible. As I’d left the UK at 21 with only a couple of years work in, this felt like quite a bit of a longshot!
When I contacted Tom he went right to work to see what he could find, and sure enough, he succeeded in getting a monthly pension for me and several thousands of dollars in lumpsum “RDNP arrears” (a one-off wrinkle apparently now extinct.)
Frankly, I was amazed and then very grateful.
I am convinced if I had gone through the official channels all those years ago I would have been rejected and would never have been told about the mysterious “RDNP” windfall but Tom knows what he is doing and was able to rip up the red tape and get through to the right people.
Tom certainly is tenacious and although it took quite a few months, eventually he succeeded. I consider him to be a very honest man and someone who has always been available to me for any questions I have.
I do not hesitate at all in recommending British Pensions Consultants Inc.

Pennsylvania, USA
Feb 2012

This is to thank British Pension Consultants, Tom Hewetson and Peter Hewetson of Toronto, Canada for all their help and hard work in obtaining my British Pension for me which I thought I was truly not eligible for!
I live in Pennsylvania and on a trip to visit friends in the Toronto area was told in conversation about this father and son team who work for British born people who have moved across the pond, and no longer think they are entitled to a British Pension when retirement age rolls around. They really seem to know all the loopholes and what the British Pension Service are KEEPING vs what us regular people are missing out on!
My husband and I both started receiving monthly amounts based on the weekly amounts we would have received in the UK. Unfortunately then last year my husband passed away, but Tom again was extremely helpful in explaining where I should send info regarding his death and a number to call for further information. Later this year they have both worked things so I am eligible to receive part of my husbands pension as well as my own.
It is nice to know I am really due this amount which is most helpful this time in my life. I never would have known living in Pennsylvania and other parts of the world for many years that I would be due to receive a British Pension, without of course the special knowledge of these two gentlemen! I encourage anyone who was born in England and left a number of years ago, and believe like myself you are not entitled to a British Pension to contact this TEAM:- Tom Hewetson ( or Peter Hewetson ( have a long informative chat with them and set them to work for you.

North Carolina, USA
Jan 2012

I can’t thank you enough for your assistance in helping my wife and I to obtain our pensions. As you are well aware, we tried to get them for over a year and each time our applications were denied. It was an incredibly frustrating process as we were passed on from one person to another, over and over again, which took over a year and then proved to be futile in the end as we were denied. Finding your services was tremendous and a godsend!
We greatly appreciated that you were able to take care of the process for us in such a timely fashion, and your communication with us during it, and of course, the outcome. We really do appreciate your professionalism, courtesy and efficiency. Whenever I called you would get back to me straight away and the problem was addressed and followed up with a progress report.
It was truly a pleasure to work with both of you. Your professional expertise obviously paid off for us and I would definitely recommend your services.

Napanee, Ontario
Jan 2012

Please find enclosed a cheque to cover your services in getting my wife and I our British Pensions for the time we worked in the United Kingdom. I much appreciate the time and effort both you and Peter spent in dealing with the UK Pensions organization – it’s not something I would care to tackle on my own and both my wife and I are happy we engaged you to sort the whole thing which looked very complicated from where we sit. If anything goes off the rails in the future I appreciate knowing you are there to help out.

Campbellville, Ontario
Jan 2012

Please accept my most humble thanks for a job well done. You have taken the daunting prospect of claiming my UK pension from me and handled it with total efficiency with little to no pain on myself.
I have watched as friends have tried to wade through the mounds of papers, questions and red tape that seem to be the staple diet of governments only to hit block after block. So again, thank you, please do not hesitate to use me as a reference, it will be my pleasure to endorse you and the excellent service you both provide. Please find enclosed my cheque for your fee.

Barrie, Ontario
Jan 2012

After 18 years as a senior Provincial Government officer in Canada, I well understand administering laws and regulations, but upon turning sixty-five I didn’t think it was worth my while applying for the British pension. I only had twenty years of insured work in Britain, and I thought that the pension would not be very much.
However, in 2004, after speaking with other people I was persuaded to apply for whatever small amount was due to me. On receiving the forms from Newcastle-upon-Tyne I attempted to fill them in, but the forms were so confusing that I put them aside. Later I went online and attempted to fill them out there but once again I was defeated by the rigmarole.
Seven years later, on the recommendation of an acquaintance, I made contact with British Pensions Consultants. You dealt with all the paperwork and issues in a most professional and expedient manner, and soon I was receiving my due pension. Not only that, but you applied for a pension for my wife, which she is now receiving.
I cannot thank you enough for sorting through all of the red tape and making sense of all the forms. I would recommend that anyone contact British Pensions Consultants to eliminate the stress and confusion of filling out these application forms.

Free in Frankford, Ontario
Jan 2012

My wife and I first met with Tom Hewetson of British Pensions Consultants in September 2005. We are very pleased we did. At that time we were both 59, pondering how we were both going to be able to enjoy well funded retirement years after employment punctuated with redundancies and lay-offs. Thanks to Tom who guided us through the catch-up contribution maze, we are now retired in the country, enjoying incomes from the multiple sources of pensions, both Canadian and UK, and equity from the sale of our city home. Providing we both live into our mid-80’s, our UK pensions, after exchange, will yield well over $250,000 in income we would otherwise never have received.

D & J
Oakville, Ontario
Jan 2012

My wife and I would like to thank you for the great job that you did on our behalf in securing our pensions from the British government. Some things one can do for themselves but when it comes to dealing with issues such as this I would strongly recommend retaining the help of people who know the system. Thanks again and I have given your Website information to friends and will continue to recommend British Pension Consultants.

Richmond Hill
Dec 2011

If you really enjoy dealing with a bureaucracy, get a lot of fun from reading through complex rules and regulations, know who Lady Hollis is or was then you have no need to use British Pensions Consultants. If however you want to get what you are entitled to, understand what additional possibilities are available and have all that paperwork done for you then this is the place to go.

Dec 2011

I would like to thank you both for the outstanding effort you made in securing my (full) British pension.
As you know I have lived in Canada since 1982, and due to some of the unforeseen issues relating to my work history, I would not have had a clue where to start the process. Not only did you efficiently deal with the bureaucracy, but you resolved all of the issues with very little input from me. I am sure I will never know the full extent of your efforts because you made things so easy for me. I really do appreciate all of your efforts and am delighted with the outcome.
My cheque for the balance of your fee (worth every cent) is in the mail. Thanks again for everything and the best of luck in the future.

Dec 2011

I left Hong Kong at age 20 for England where I trained as a nurse and lived for a total of 7 years, then after marrying in the UK, my husband and I returned to Hong Kong for a few years before emigrating to Canada in 1981.
I had no knowledge or expectation that I could ever receive a UK Pension as several of my friends in Canada had tried without success. However, one of my husband’s customers, an ex-UK Pensions officer, Tom Hewetson, suggested that he could get me a pension if I were to make some very inexpensive backpayments. As he guaranteed in writing that if he couldn’t get me a pension there would be absolutely no charge, I had nothing to lose so we went ahead. In much less than a year, he and Peter, (his son and successor) made my claim, they dealt with everything from Newcastle, I paid their fee and a very small sum to the UK Government and have been happily receiving my pension ever since.
In light of what everyone I knew had always said, I was quite amazed at the outcome but am very pleased with how things turned out for me. To conclude, I asked if they could do anything on the same terms for my sister who had a similar career to me but still lives in Hong Kong. As the claim only went in in September, we are awaiting the outcome from Newcastle (which doesn’t move fast!) but on a fully-expected successful conclusion, my family will be forever grateful to Tom and Peter.
We will certainly recommend them to all we know or meet who ever worked in the UK. Why wouldn’ t everyone who worked there try ?
They have nothing to lose and possibly a pension to gain !

Hong Kong
Nov 2012

As a nurse now living back in Hong Kong, I write this testimonial to record my own personal experiences which led to me eventually receiving my British Pension.
At 19, I started training to be an SRN in North Wales, qualifying and eventually practising at several other UK Hospitals for some 8 years before returning to live in Hong Kong. When I reached age 60 I tried to claim my British State Pension but even after all those well-documented years, I was refused as it seems DWP could not identify my NINo.
I was most surprised and very disappointed but, perhaps like many other immigrants, as I did not know the pension scheme inside-out, I had no option but to reluctantly accept the situation.
Very fortunately for me, my sister, Christina, with an identical nursing career to mine but who now lives in Canada, called me to say that she had found someone in Canada who was making a claim for her. When her claim succeeded, she introduced me to British Pensions Consultants, a father and son specialist British Pensions company in Toronto who agreed to take on my case on the basis that if they couldn’t get me my pension, there would be no fee.
This was exactly what was required. Tom and Peter Hewetson very soon made my claim and identified me by my previously untraceable NI Number ! How could this be?
They confirmed that with a very small backpayment, I would receive the British Pension they predicted and I will receive it for the rest of my life. It is a mystery to me that DWP can do this to their former workers in Britain and I guess there must be thousands of them in this situation, but I do know that without that call from Christina, I would still be wondering why I wasn’t getting my pension!
I do not expect that “they” are about to change their routines because of two retired nurses thousands of miles away. However, if you worked in the UK, even for a few years and even if you have not yet reached pension age, I recommend you call Tom and Peter – if you can qualify, they will claim it for you! If you cannot, they will tell you on the spot at no charge !

J & T
Rural Ontario
Dec 2011

We did receive two payments directly to our bank account last month and three this month, so it looks like we will now be receiving the UK pension on a regular basis. We did not receive a covering letter or other advice from Tyneview Park, nor any Award letter from them. All we have is what you have kindly passed along to us with your latest letter.
We cannot begin to say how grateful we are to both you and Tom for the very capable and efficient assistance you gave us in handling this matter on our behalf. There is no doubt whatsoever that my wife and I would never have had the knowledge, not to mention the patience, to deal with the bureaucracy and convoluted process involved in submitting our claim.
Please be assured we have nothing but praise for British Pensions Consultants Inc., and believe your consultancy fee was more than fair and money well spent.

Dec 2011

Paying bills has never been my favourite pursuit, but I was very happy to write a cheque to BPC Inc. Until a friend from BC told me of her fruitful experience with BPC it had never occurred to me I might qualify for a UK pension. Just an email to Tom, a follow-up phone call, and things were set in motion.
Several months later I received a Pension Award from the UK Pension Service. I was thrilled, but Tom was not, and he and Peter successfully pursued additional retroactivity and, finally, with their assistance, I opted to make an additional contribution, in order to receive the full amount of basic pension. I have already recommended BPC to numerous friends and will continue, without reservation, to do so.
Many, many thanks, gentlemen! It has been a great pleasure doing business with you.

British Columbia
Nov 2011

Thanks for all your work towards my pension entitlement. There have actually been a couple of deposits already this month so things are under way. You really do offer a great service. Knowing that this has been well researched makes me confident that I am receiving the maximum that I am entitled to and makes your fee well worth it. Again thank you very much. The cheque is in the mail. Really!!

Whitby, Ontario
Nov 2011

Thanks for the excellent job you did for me with the British Pension, and most importantly getting it sent to Jamaica. I really do appreciate it.

Nov 2011

As a Canadian girl born and bred, in 1987 I met and married Michael, an expatriate Brit.
Michael was always most thoughtful and responsible, particularly in financial matters and he was keen to make our retirement as comfortable as he could possibly make it.
Seeing his future British State Pension to be a source of retirement income often overlooked by many other ex-UK emigrants, he decided to make maximum backpayments. He started 4 years ago via a specialist pension claims service company, British Pension Consultants, which knows the way all around the maze of pensions regulations and he said were well worth their fees. He was amazed but very happy to learn that even though I’d never lived or worked in the UK, as his wife I would also receive a substantial pension.
However, things were not to end up as we anticipated. I was, unusually for me, home one day from work and answered the phone. This happened to be BPC calling to say that at 65, Michael (and me as his wife) had qualified for a full UK Pension – he was so delighted.
Two days later he died.
BPC took up my case immediately and I learned I would inherit his pension at 60. However, apparently there was also a significant UK Pensions Death Benefit due to me, which a kind lawyer relative said he would obtain for me with his professional legal knowledge. Frustratingly, after several weeks of fruitless calls back and forth to Newcastle, he finally gave up in exasperation with the bureaucrats there who had formally turned down his claim on my behalf.
I raised this with Tom Hewetson of BPC who, knowing the entire case history, was certain that this decision was incorrect. He and his son Peter re-submitted the claim, the decision was reversed and I received my cheque in a very few weeks.
A long story, but without Michael looking after me so thoughtfully, him finding BPC and them knowing the interminable details of the ins and outs of the UK Pension Scheme, I would certainly not be in the relatively comfortable financial situation I find myself now.
Thank you Tom and Peter.

Elora, Ontario
Nov 2011

Herewith my cheque – and my extreme thanks for your brilliance.
The day I found you online was one of the luckier ones in my lifetime! I have a supreme aversion to forms and formal applications. It had also not even occured to me that I might be eligible for a British pension. Indeed, when I first contacted you, you looked at my quickie British career history and expressed doubt that I was eligible.
You did, however, encourage me to look more carefully at where I worked and for how long – and when I crunched the years – lo and behold, I just scraped through.
Thank you so much for doing what you do, and for the care and delight you take in helping the scatterbrained such as myself.
I have now read your Canadian Tax Relief on UK Pensions advice about 50 times, and it makes no sense to me. I shall share this potential bonus with my accountant. He will, I am sure, also be impressed.

I & J
Southern Ontario
Nov 2011

In 1975 as a time served technician in Britain, I was 30 and self employed when my wife and I decided to bring our family over to a new life in Canada.
In 2009 aged 64 and still busily self employed, I realized a little late, that for my wife and I to boost our retirement income, we’d need to spend forever dealing with the complications of the British pensions department and their rules and regulations, or hire a specialist who knew his stuff to do it on our behalf.
Strangely enough, even with the internet, there wasn’t a lot of choice, but one firm stood out to us. Established several years, 2000+ users, lots of testimonials and with a principal that is an ex British Pensions Officer [so obviously knowledgeable] who answered every question that I could think of. He offered a win-win proposition in writing which was – IF HE COULDN’T GET US THE BEST PENSION POSSIBLE – NO FEE! A no-brainer, we signed up.
These Fellas really know their stuff. They met all of my criteria, especially – THEY DID WHAT THEY SAID THEY WOULD DO WHEN THEY SAID THEY WOULD DO IT. A very pleasurable and satisfying experience. Well worth the money. Thanks a million.

Nov 2011

It was illuminating doing business with you and I’ve gladly passed the word along to others who may be able to make use of your services.
My involvement started with a casual comment from one of the ladies in my wife’s knitting club…for the past 10 years I’d been trying to work my way through the baffling circumstances of applying for a UK pension (which I knew I had) but until your expertise took over, I got nowhere.
Thank you again, it’s heartening to know that big government can be brought to heel by Citizens like your good selves. Keep up the good work!

Richmond, B.C.
Oct 2011

Thank you once again for enduring the process of obtaining pensions for my wife and I, and for persevering with the bureaucracy to maximize the weekly amounts that we will receive. I know that I would never have had the time, patience or knowledge to pursue the claims and to arrive at a successful conclusion.

L & J
Sept 2011

A few years ago, an acquaintance suggested we get in touch with consultants who specialize in getting UK pensions for expatriates living in Canada, but we didn’t bother as we firmly believed we couldn’t possibly qualify. After all, we had hardly worked in the UK before we emigrated. In fact, we were just turning 30 when we moved to Canada in 1974. I hadn’t worked since the birth of our son, who was 4 years old when we arrived here. My husband was a student for the first few of my working years, so he hadn’t worked much longer in the UK than I had.
Thirty-some years later, as we approached and passed retirement age (with actual retirement nowhere in sight), something or someone prompted us to find out more before it was too late. “These people do an amazing job,” we were told. “You really should check them out.” So we made the call and discovered that the Hewetsons work on a contingency basis. No pension, no fee. What was there to lose? We had to put in a bit of effort ourselves, digging up the information they needed, and, of course, we had to complete and return forms (all impossible to understand without the Hewetsons’ help). But the effort was nothing compared to the reward.
To our amazement, it turned out that we were entitled to small, but not insignificant regular pension payments. And even more amazing, we also received lump sum payments that were quite tidy sums. Still can’t retire, but it’s good to be getting money that we are entitled to. Without the Hewetson’s help, we never would have known about it and Tom and Peter are a pleasure to deal with. We are very satisfied customers.

Western Ontario
Sept 2011

My husband and I and 3 children Emigrated to Canada in 1977 never thinking about a pension. Then when my husband was was 67,we saw British Pension Consultants advert in an English paper “The Britannia”and we contacted Tom. He asked some simple questions, and got the ball rolling.
Tom & Peter are my shining stars. They have done wonders guiding me through all forms that had to be filled in, and answering the questions from U.K. They were with me every step of the way. Even when we had a postal strike and the forms had a deadline, Peter phoned say the forms were on their way.
In 2008 I became a widow, Tom & Peter were still there for me, getting me my pension. Thank God for Tom & Peter Hewetson of B.P.C. They go above and beyond to help their clients. If I had to handle all this by myself, I would have thrown the towel in at the beginning. Thank you for the great results – you worked really hard for me, and that’s an understatement. God Bless you both.

D.J. & J.J.
Sept 2011

I am completely amazed at the results you have achieved acting on my behalf in making a claim for my British Pension, and that of my wife. The amazing thing is after I supplied the initial paperwork I had very little to do with the process. You both have worked super hard and to me all behind the scenes. All I have had to do is forward the odd piece of paperwork I received from England, to you. And speaking to you on the phone has been super fun. I am so grateful for the speedy way in which you have achieved results.
I was recommended to you by my brother-in-law, and contacted you in early April of 2011. On April 15 2011 I first sent you details in connection with making a claim for my British Pension. On June 21 2011 I received my first payment, a lump sum for Backpayment. (I figured that out to be a short 9 weeks.) Today’s date is August 4th and I have already received two payments of my monthly cheque, good for life.
On July 26 2011 my wife received a lump sum backpay, and confirmation that she also will receive a monthly pension. I should also add that a further lump sum is coming for myself as further back pay, confirmed by the Pension Service. My age is 69 1/2 years so my claim has been laying dormant for almost 5 years. My wife is 66 years old.
All this has been achieved by Tom and Peter and I have paid no fee upfront, so believe me this has been 100% risk free. Thank you so much Tom and Peter, without you this task would be monumental and probably impossible. I know for a fact that without both your help the results would be inferior or non-existent, and I highly recommend your services.

Sept 2011

After working in England for 15 years I moved to Canada in 1976. Six years ago, several recommendations from British friends prompted me to contact British Pensions Consultants to find out what UK pension I might have been eligible for.
After an initial meeting, British Pensions Consultants have handled everything, producing a far better result than I was expecting. Not only did they save me substantial money on top up fees, but I now look forward to a UK pension which is at least 6o% more than I was expecting! For a one-time fee they have handled all communication , completed the endless forms, answered any questions from the UK agency and myself over six years.
British Pensions Consultants understand the confusing rules and regulations and take full ownership of the process. They have been with me at every step. I am now expecting my first pension payment this month which will be more than my CPP!! If you are looking for help from an organisation that will be with you at every step of the process you can do no better than British Pensions Consultants.

August 2011

Seven or eight years ago I was not even thinking of a British pension, I only worked there for a year or so and the thought that a pension would be possible never even crossed my mind. Then my brother told me about Tom and I thought that I’d check it out though it sounded too good to be true. Well, true it was and Tom explained to me how I could top my pension up from Canada which I have been doing ever since. When I reach 65 in a couple of years I will have 29/30ths of my British pension which exceeds my CPP!
I paid for Tom’s services when he first arranged my pension and thought that that would be that. Surprise; Tom and Peter stayed on my case and over the last seven years the pension has grown a lot from the original amount and not one penny of extra billing from Tom; just great service. Now, all of this has not been done without some “testing” letters from Newcastle. I have not found Newcastle easy to deal with. Fortunately, I pass on their letters to Tom and they appear to be satisfied. My last letter from Newcastle stated that they couldn’t deal with Tom on my behalf because they didn’t have a letter of appointment for him! How odd I thought,becasue they’ve been dealing with him on my behalf for eight years now! Anyway, I sent the appointment letter and it appears to have done the trick.
My brother and sister-in-law are also happily retired drawing their full pension thanks to Tom.

C & L
Burlington, Ontario
July 2011

I lived in the UK until 1967 and worked there for just 2 ½ years before emigrating to Canada to continue my banking career. I never imagined I would qualify for/receive a UK pension. In 2006 I met the Hewetsons of British Pension Consultants at the British Car Day show in Oakville. This was 4 years before I turned 65. To my amazement they told me I would likely qualify for a UK pension and they would investigate on my behalf under their “no pension no fee” policy. What did I have to lose?
As a starting point, BPC was able to find my UK National Insurance number which I had never known as my UK employer had never given it to me when I emigrated. As a result of BPC’s enquiries, UK Pensions sent me a letter advising my pension entitlement and the optional cost of “buying back” qualifying pension years. The ability to buy back qualifying pension years is the key for someone who left UK many years ago.
BPC assisted me by confirming and remitting payments on their due dates on my behalf, as well as calculating subsequent payments until my retirement date. As I was working on contract by this time the amounts varied and my premiums had to be determined under current UK pension rules. BPC’s expert help was invaluable.
Upon turning 65, BPC prepared and submitted my pension claim. I only had two documents to sign and BPC looked after everything. I got a letter from the UK authorities approving my pension and I have received payment every 4 weeks ever since. BPC’s fee for their services is very reasonable and was only payable upon receipt of written eligibility from UK authorities. This fee was tax deductible in Canada. BPC initiated a review of my file for the final UK tax year before I turned 65 which resulted in a material upward adjustment of my pension following the remittance of a final year’s premium.
I now receive 87% of the standard UK pension (sadly, not indexed for Canadian residents) and my wife (who has never worked or lived in the UK) is entitled to my pension if I die prior to her qualifying for her own UK pension at age 66. Not bad for a guy who left England 44 years ago after only working there for 2½ years!
I’ve always found both Tom Hewetson and his son, Peter, to be extremely helpful and responsive to any and all my questions over the past 5 years. They’ve proved to be on top of current UK legislation (which changed materially in 2010 – to my benefit). I have no hesitation is recommending BPC to anyone who has worked in the UK and thinks there may be even the slightest chance they may qualify for UK pension benefits.

British Columbia
July 2011

Dear Peter and Tom, It was a pleasure doing business with you both. Thank you again for all your hard work, and especially getting a British Pension for my wife. Kudos to you both. May your future be full of Heath, Happiness, Joy and Wealth. Take care and God Bless you both, the best of British wishes.

Rural Ontario
July 2011

I was born in the UK and emigrated to Canada in 1967 and I had no idea that I would be eligible for a British Pension. I contacted Tom Hewetson and he said indeed I was, and if I wished to top up my contributions to the British pension plan I would receive a bigger pension. I did all this and was extremely happy but what really floored me was when Tom said that my wife could also receive a pension from Britain. You see my wife was born in Canada but sure enough she now receives a British pension. Many thanks to Tom and Peter Hewetson for all their hard work.

Rural Ontario
July 2011

I attempted a pension enquiry by myself to the British pension office in Newcastle on Tyne. After I provided them with all the information that they requested, it took several months for them to let me know that I did not meet the criteria for a pension because I had not made National Insurance Contributions for ten or more years. I gave up at that point.

Later, while reading a magazine article, I saw that the regulations regarding pensions for women in the U.K. had changed. Around that time, a friend recommended that I contact Tom and Peter Hewetson, British Pension Consultants. My friend had obtained a U.K. pension using their services and was happy with the results. So, I communicated with Peter and Tom who were very confident that they could obtain a pension for me.

Today, my first U.K. pension payment arrived in my bank account – what a bonus – a pension I thought I would never see! Not only that, Tom was not convinced that the initial amount the U.K. decided to pay was correct, and he pursued them to re-calculate. Tom called me with the happy news that he had obtained an increase in my weekly pension payment. I would certainly recommend British Pension Consultants to anyone – they made the whole process so easy, and SO rewarding!

T & H
July 2011

I spent 5 years as an apprentice in a shipyard engineering shop and along with my wife we emigrated to Canada after I finished my apprenticeship in 1966. We had no thoughts about returning to Scotland. A few years ago we heard about applying for a British Pension. As we had only worked for 5 years I thought it was not worth my while to apply. Recently I was talking to a friend who told me about British Pension Consultants, so I called and spoke to Tom who took our information.

When we heard that although we had only paid into the British pension for 5years we were entitled to something. Tom also looked into if I made an investment into the British pension I would get more than if I locked into a bank investment. This was great advice and the result has been fantastic for both my wife and I.

July 2011

Just a short note along with the forms you requested, also wanted to mention that we were extremely pleased with the amount we have received, especially when we were not sure if we would be entitled to anything – job well done by British Pensions Consultants. Another thank you for your persistence in again submitting another claim on my behalf, your diligence is outstanding and we hope all will be completed very soon, and you can close our file before you have a nervous breakdown.

West Vancouver
July 2011

Thank you so much for continuing to pursue and obtain my British Pension. I am still a little overwhelmed but very very happy with the difference it will make to some of the pleasures of my life i.e. singing lessons etc! Wish you and Peter all the best.

S.A. & J.A.
July 2011

I want to congratulate you on successfully obtaining our British pensions for my husband & me. We had only worked for 3 years in the UK, before coming over to Canada in 1970, and had no idea we were entitled to any kind of pension from the UK. Indeed we didn’t even have any record of our National Insurance numbers. In fact I once phoned the Pension Service in Newcastle, some years ago, and asked them if we might be able to get any kind of pension, and the person I spoke to immediately told me “No”, – without volunteering any information about being able to buy back years of service in order to qualify for a pension.

Then some years later, a friend suggested I contact the Hewetsons at BPI, which I did, and from then on, everything was smooth sailing. They were able to find out our National Insurance numbers, and did all the paperwork, and correspondence with the British Pension Service on our behalves. They advised us how to maximize our British Pensions by paying to buy back years of service, and it was all organized for us and very professionally done. Now we are both receiving our pensions from the UK, every 4 weeks, directly into our Canadian bank accounts. Sincerely, and with many thanks for a job well done.

Mississauga, Ontario
April 6, 2011

Thank you both for a job well done. I have the highest regard for the professional and excellent way in which you both have worked in securing the British pension for me. I know it was not an easy task to accomplish due to the amount of time since I last worked in the UK. Once again, a sincere thank you.

Brampton, Ontario

One day, at a Highland Games, I stopped for a moment to chat at a booth for British Pensions Consultants. I had about eight years to go before retirement and had a vague general idea that I really should do something about investigating my standing for a British pension. While I knew I could apply for some pension money based on my working period in Britain, I hated the thought of starting the paperwork involved, including finding my old NI number. That chat with Tom and Peter at the British Pensions booth was the best time investment I ever made. Not only did they take care of the all the paperwork, they were able to advise me on making buy-back contributions that have maximized the pension I was able to claim. Those contributions and the very reasonable British Pensions fees have proven to be the best financial investment I have ever made. I am now happily retired and receiving a welcome British pension cheque every four weeks.

I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Peter and Tom at British Pensions. They have both been a pleasure to deal with, always prompt in responding to any queries, and bringing an old-world professionalism to their work. In my experience they have completely fulfilled everything that they said they could do. I have recommended their services to several other ex-pats, each of whom is happy with their experience with British Pensions Consultants.

Ottawa, Ontario

Thank you for obtaining a British Pension for me and my wife. I was referred to you by my neighbour. Now two of are us completely satisfied customers. At the start I thought I have nothing to lose. I relied on your “No Pension, no Fee” guarantee. Despite my background in Finance and Taxation I relied on your expert advice and guidance. I will describe you as a master of intricacies of British State Pension rules. Thanks again.

G & P
Rural Ontario

My wife and I emigrated to Canada in 1974, and I have no doubt, that like many of our peers, we had procrastinated for far too long about applying for a British Pension, although we had friends who were already receiving monthly payments from the U.K. One day, my son emailed me the web site address for britpensions with their “No Payment-No Fee” guarantee. I contacted Tom and Peter, and this turned out to be one of the better decisions that I have ever made, for since speaking with them, our lives have definitely changed for the better. Just before we left on a four week trip to the “Old Country”, we filled in the required forms and mailed them to Tom and Peter, fully expecting that the process, if indeed successful, might take months. Imagine our surprise, that within two days of our return to Canada, upon getting our bank balance, I found that it had mushroomed by over $6,600, a payment of arrears from Newcastle upon Tyne. Since that time we have been receiving regular monthly pension payments and both my wife and I have received further large lump sum payments for arrears. I have spoken to other friends who applied for their pensions without outside help and their stories are not encouraging. Can I just say this, if you feel that you may be entitled to a British Pension, I urge you to seek the experience, expertise and just plain good old solid service that you will receive from Tom and Peter. We were more than happy to pay their fee, it was well earned!!!

British Columbia

I have very recently had dealings with both Tom and Peter Hewetson of British Pensions Consultants Inc. with regard to aquiring a pension for me from Britain, I had tried over a period of several years to do this myself to no avail and had almost given up hope until I heard about them. I contacted the company, and, over a period of time spoke to both gentlemen, each time I was impressed by the courtesy with which I was treated. After a while Mr. Peter Hewetson called me to say that they had succeeded in aquiring my pension, he sounded more excited than I was, I have since received a lump sum of money and will receive a monthly payment from now on, needless to say this has improved my life and I cannot thank both Tom and Peter enough. For anyone in need of this type of service I highly recommend both of these gentlemen and their company.


It is with a great amount of satisfaction that I enclose my check for your fee. I am very happy with your services in connection with my claim to a British Pension. You guys have done an excellent job in securing me the pension, considering that I did not even have the social insurance number. There is no doubt you know your way round the bureaucracy and the pension legislation. In the event I should come across someone in need of your services with British Pension issues, I will not hesitate for one moment to channel them in your direction.

San Diego, USA

Many thanks for all your help in dealing with the British Pension system to get the pension that I had earned and qualified for. It was well worth the money. As I mentioned to you, I had tried dealing with them directly but was told I that I didn’t qualify as I couldn’t draw a Pension from 2 different countries. This, through you, I now know to be completely incorrect and I’m sure that lots of other people have been told the same thing. Once again thanks for your help, I’m all the richer because of it.

H & J.B.
Los Angeles, USA

We just must add our endorsement to your testimonial pages. We had put off claiming for years, overwhelmed by the paperwork and a not very encouraging reply when we made a tentative enquiry with the British Pensions Office. We can’t quite remember how we found Tom and Peter but oh how glad we are that we did. They professionally walked, talked and emailed us through the labyrinth of an antiquated British system with ease. The results have been stellar and we can’t thank them both enough.

E. G.
Guelph, Ontario

I am more than delighted with the results that British Pensions Consultants Inc. have achieved for me. I saw their ad in the paper and decided to give it a try since I had worked in London, England, before coming to Canada in 1964. I had only worked for a few years so felt that I was probably not eligible for a pension. Anyway, the result is that I have now a pension from England for the rest of my life – something I would never have thought I was eligible for. Thanks to Tom and Peter Hewetson, they navigated through the system when I would have given up. They have always been most courteous, prompt and helpful in their dealings with me. I can highly recommend their services.

MS and DS
Southern Ontario

David and I would like you to know how much we appreciate all that you did to acquire our pensions for us. It is nice to know there are people like you who work for people like us to help us acquire what we are entitled to. It was a wonderful surprise for me and a welcomed gift that I never expected. Thanks ever so much.

Burlington, Ontario

Just a note to thank you for all the work you have done on my pension, even though I paid you five years ago you have continued to keep me updated and always found the best way to get me my maximum allowed pension for the minimum amount of payback. I start to get my pension in a couple of months and could not have done it without you. If anyone has any doubt about using your service you have my full permission to use my name as a reference and I can only thank you again for the service you gave me at a very reasonable cost.

Oshawa, Ontario

I am a Canadian girl, never worked in the UK, and this reference is because of my husband and his pension claim after eight years’ work in the UK. In 2000, my husband decided to claim his UK Pension and we completed the forms. Unhappily, we were turned down by the Pensions people who when we called to find out why, gave us different stories but no pension. We were very disappointed but what could we do? Nine years later, we were at a soccer dance when another English friend asked why we weren’t getting our UK pension. My husband just didn’t want to listen and have to go through all this again. On the other hand, this friend mentioned the man who’d got his pension for him and was adamant he didn’t see a claim form, so I persuaded my husband to at least try BPC with their “No Pension – No Fee” guarantee. Tom talked to me over the phone and from the general information I gave him, he felt it was worth pursuing. Just over a year later we were shocked and amazed to not only start to receive our pensions but substantial arrears for both of us as well – for which we paid HMG not a nickel out of our pocket! (These arrears were enough to get us a great cruise we could never otherwise have afforded!) I personally get a British Pension paid to me even though I never worked in the UK – amazing but 100% legal. I guess being married to a Scotsman paid off. The people who did this all for us were Tom and Peter Hewetson – who both walk on water! Without them all that money and our pensions would still be in the UK and that cruise would have stayed a dream! We get about $250 every four weeks between us on top of our CPP – and we get CRA tax relief on it too! Even the fees we paid BPC were tax deductible. From being low and disappointed, my husband and I think we died and went to Heaven! Thank you again Tom and Peter – what a great job you did!

Burlington, Ontario

I want to thank you so much for getting a wonderful British Pension for me. I was born and worked in England prior to coming to Canada in 1966. I applied for a pension when I was 60 years old and after what seemed like ages, I received a letter saying I was entitled to 11 pence per week. I phoned them and got the same answer. It was just by chance my best friend Rob saw you at the British Car Show a few years ago and after talking with you, you helped him to get a very good pension. He was so happy with the results and phoned me and said I must get in touch with you so I did. It was the best thing I’ve done in a long time. Instead of the 11 pence per week you got me a decent amount plus a large lump sum of back pay. It didn’t take that long either. Tom, I know you say the pension is something I am entitled to but I am still in awe as to how you do it? I think you are a miracle worker and for that I am deeply grateful.

Burlington, Ontario

It has been my pleasure to have been in communication with Tom and Peter Hewetson at British Pensions Consultants Inc. over the past several years. I recently turned 65, and was unsure before I contacted them whether I would qualify for any British pension, having worked in the U.K. for only 6 years ,and my wife for only 3, before emigrating to Canada over 40 years ago. I am delighted to say that both my wife and I are now regularly receiving a British Pension, and the Hewetsons with their knowledge, patience and expertise have negotiated the incredibly complicated red tape in a way we would never have been able to. They are accessible and personable, and are always willing to answer any questions or concerns. If you believe a British Pension is your legal entitlement, no matter what your age, look no further. Tom and Peter speak the language, literally, of the U.K pension bureaucracy and I highly recommend their services. You have nothing to lose, and potentially a great deal to gain.

Perth, Ontario

I first contacted the British Pension office in 2004 and was told that I didn’t have enough UK NI contributions to get any Basic Pension. However, further down the page the fine print indicated that if I paid UK NI contributions for 7 ‘missing’ years I ‘could’ receive 39% of the full amount of Basic Pension. This would amount to 30.21 pounds per week. I was disappointed with the response and filed the letter thinking it wouldn’t be worth pursuing. Fast forward to 2007, I received a call from a friend who recommended I give British Pension Consultants a call. They had recently helped a friend and others get favorable results with their pension requests. I had nothing to lose and contacted their leader and all-round British tax expert Tom Hewetson. Along with Tom’s son Peter, they managed to secure an even better result in that I am now in receipt of a pension of 88 pounds per week, including 33.00 for my wife who has never worked in the UK! The payback was spread over three years and was well worth the investment as it will pay for itself within a year or less. The end result is that, thanks to Tom and Peter we’ve done a lot better than the British Pension office calculated. They know the in’s and out’s of the British Pension system and how to maximise our entitlements. Thank you Tom and Peter for making our retirement a little easier.

Victoria, BC

“Where there’s a will there’s a way!”…”Never give up hope!”…”There’s a light at the end of the tunnel!”…..So go the many cliches…After SEVERAL fruitless attempts to make meaning of The UK Pensions I gave up……BUT, then along came Tom of British Pensions; there was hope, the light at the tunnel end proved profitable and through his knowledge and will there was a way. I, along with my sister, are the “richer” for his efforts..Taa muchly, lad. Yer dun a right good job….

Nova Scotia

I am now receiving the full UK pension and my wife is also receiving her full entitlement. I must thank you very much for this, as I do not believe that I would be receiving this full amount without having your assistance. You have been most helpful in guiding me through the process to ensure that I was able to receive the maximum amount that is available.

Originally from PQ

I would like to thank you again for providing your excellent service in order that my husband can collect his British pension. Although he only had 9 accumulated years, we followed your suggestion and put in payments to bring it up to the 30 years full pension rate. I must say that it was a welcome surprise to hear that although I am a Canadian citizen that has never worked or lived in the UK, I will also receive a spousal pension when I reach Pension Age. It was a great relief not to have to go through all the bureaucracy, mostly when one would have to deal with someone in a different country. Your expertise was most appreciated. Once again thank you for your hard work.

Toronto, Ontario

Thank you for all your help in securing my “previously unattainable” British Pension just in time to beat the deadline. How you two make your way through the “gobbledy gook” text is a miracle.


British Pensions Consultants Inc are outstanding and here’s why:
Several years ago a fellow chartered accountant here in Vancouver suggested that I might be eligible for a British Government Pension based on my early employment history in the UK. After a frustrating year of dealing with British bureaucrats I gave up after being awarded a pension of $0.70 per month. Well, last year, my long time English doctor put me in touch with BPCI. With their guidance I made a make-up payment to HM Revenue and Customs of some $6500, which, last month, resulted in me receiving a lump sum of pension arrears of $9845. In addition my wife and I will now receive a combined pension of more than $300 per month, for life. As a professional accountant I could not cut the bureaucratic tape but British Pensions Consultants certainly could and did.
Many thanks to the BPCI team of Tom and Peter Hewetson.


Exactly as you promised, the pensions for both me and my wife have started to be paid on a regular basis. We could not have received this money without your help especially after the people in Newcastle told me that I did not stand a chance of getting a pension.


As a physician of 61 who only worked 7 years in the UK after qualifying, I was not expecting anything at all out of the British Pension Scheme. However, in 2008 I learned about BPC who sounded remarkably positive about my prospects, so I signed up on the basis that , for a fee, they would do all of the paperwork and all of the interfacing with Newcastle, with the written proviso that if I couldn’t qualify for a pension, there would be no charge whatever. It seemed like a pretty good deal to me. In addition to doing all of this with minimal input from me, BPC guided me through the arcane but very rewarding world of Class 2 where on occasion buyback rates may be dramatically reduced if the seemingly impenetrable maze of pensions paperwork can be navigated. Although this can’t happen for every case, it worked in spades for me. The bottom line today in 2009 is that due to their obvious expertise in this field (who else would know the correct answers to the questions Newcastle ask?) plus a fortuitous change in regulations and some very economical buybacks, at age 65 I will be receiving a full 100% British Pension. There is not the slightest doubt in my mind that I am only in this situation because of the skill, knowledge and persistence of Tom and Peter Hewetson – keep it up and thanks again!


Greetings, Tom and Peter,
Deepest gratitude to you both for securing for me a little breathing space in my finances. I wasn’t aware that I was entitled to any UK Pension till you went to bat for me. Your services have been invaluable and well worth the cost.
Thank you and beyond.


Some 4 years ago I met Tom Hewetson at a party and we discussed British Pensions – he knew lots and I knew little! We found that he had already obtained surprise pensions for some friends of mine who frankly said they could not have done it alone, so my wife and I had him do our pensions. My wife paid some money back in 207 and has been very happily receiving her pension since. One down, one to go! As I am not 65 for another 3 years Tom and son Peter had me pay back some very inexpensive years to project a 60% pension with which I was very pleased and happy to pay their fees. In 2009, realizing I’d neglected to keep up the payments specified I called BPCI again and BINGO! Under new regulations published after we last spoke I learn that if I pay back a little more my 60% pension will now be 100%. BPCI is currently helping me to continue paying the low cost contributions till I am 65 at no additional fee.
My question is, “How would any regular claimant KNOW how to do all this?” Thank you Tom and Peter!


On behalf of (my wife) and myself, I would like to thank you both for all the work you have done on our behalf over, believe it or not, the last three years in order to secure for us the maximum British Pensions to which we are entitled. These are now coming in on a regular monthly (ED- ACTUALLY FOUR-WEEKLY) basis and more than justify the small fees that you have charged us. There is no doubt that without your excellent and both friendly and capable advice we would have been lost in the quagmire of bureaucracy and would have given up in despair with no pension. Keep up the good work. We shall recommend your services to others…

Addison, Ontario

In 1967 at twenty, I emigrated to Canada, fresh from 3 years in a UK bank where I had accumulated an annual bank “pension” of 1 pound two shillings pa payable in 2007 ! Now at 60 and anxious not to leave all of this treasure to the bank I was on the Web gathering information on how to secure this huge sum when I stumbled across an article about this Tom Hewetson who claimed he could help people with British Pensions. I did like his slogan NO PENSION – NO FEE and as it said I had nothing to lose, I went on his website and completed the two one-page forms. Mr Hewetson emailed me back to say I could qualify for a British Pension, I couldn’t believe it !!! I was really sceptical but he explained everything to me, took care of the paperwork and today, a year later, I have just received my first deposit. Just to go full circle, I contacted my generous former bank and of course, they bought me out for the grand sum total of $38.00. However, I will also now be receiving $317.00 every month from the British Government for the rest of my life. I cannot thank Tom and Peter enough for securing this pension for me. They even got me CRA tax relief on their fee and on much of my British Pension – this will make our lives a lot easier ! I am amazed to learn that as we have no company pensions we can even split it between my Canadian husband and me under the new 2007 Income Splitting Regulations. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Stouffville, Ontario

Nearly two years ago at age 68 I was given Tom’s name by a good friend of mine whose brothers had also received UK pensions via BPC and all spoke highly of BPC expertise. I had a lettter from Newcastle already saying I could get no pension as I only had 10 years UK work vs the 11 needed – so I knew I had nothing to lose.

Not only did Tom manage to get me a pension – I didn’t have to pay a nickel to the Government and he got me several thousands of dollars in lumpsum arrears as well! Logically I find it “challenging” to be able to receive arrears when I never worked enough years in the UK to qualify, but from the volume of paper I reckon BPC do everything “by the book”. It is most fortunate for me as HMG obviously didn’t publish that book for regular pensioners’ consumption that my friend Richard passed on the BPC name. I can’t speak too highly of Peter and Tom and their knowledge and diligence in pursuing that which I simply didn’t know. It is a distinct pleasure to know that I have received my complete legal pensions entitlement. (And I didn’t have to do all the specialist hard work!)

C & R
Toronto, Ontario

Once again, thank you on behalf of both my wife and myself for your masterful handling of our claims – all completed in the nick of time before the UK goes broke!

I know this is no more than “our legal entitlement” as you said, but I also know that I would never have come close to accessing it without your expert intervention!


I would like to thank you for your efforts in obtaining my British Pension. When I retired I did not even consider my British Pension. The pension that my wife and I now get from the British Government is nearly £5,000 pounds per annum, an amount which I never even considered I would be entitled to. I would certainly recommend the services of Tom Hewetson for anyone else trying to obtain a British Pension.

rural Ontario

My heartfelt thanks to Tom and Peter Hewetson of British Pensions Consultants for all the their dedication, hard work, and paper shuffling for the past two and a half years helping me obtain a pension from UK government. With my 65th birthday approaching I felt it was time to start thinking pension. While browsing the internet for information I came across his site with the “No Pension No Fee” slogan I felt I had nothing to lose and much to gain. After talking to Tom on the phone I was taken by his calm demeanor and excellent knowledge of the pension system and the obstacles which may be encountered. I decided to let Tom handle my claim, I would not have been able to negotiate the massive amount of paper work presented by the UK pension department without his help. Once again Tom many thanks.

Ms M L
North of Toronto

I signed up with Tom Hewetson of British Pensions Consultants as one of his earliest clients in March 2004, with just 9 years work in the UK and only a vague hope that I could get a pension from the UK Government.

Tom assured me that I could get a pension, then arranged for me to buy back the amazing ultra-low-cost Class 2 contributions about which I knew nothing except that they saved me an absolute bundle! Initially, to catch up, I made a hefty one-time backpayment , then paid back only just over £100 a year (a tiny fraction of the $2,000 pa most of us pay to CPP!) until I retired in September 2009.

My £55.10 per week UK pension is even more than Tom predicted in 2004, as it is apparently indexed until I received it at age 60. That plus getting my UK pension un-reduced from age 60 so I get 5 more years maximum pension than with CPP, was a bonus that will benefit me for the rest of my life. This UK pension is paid on top of my CPP and I can even get some Canadian tax relief on it !

Finally, unlike my friends who did it all themselves, but never knew the whys and wherefores, I am absolutely certain that with BPCs expertise, I get the “best possible pension I am legally entitled to” (Tom’s favourite phrase!)

However, I did none of the work, form-filling or mailing to the UK that they had to do. Also, simply by learning from BPC that I could pay back the ultra-low-cost Class2 early on, I saved the BPC fee several times over!

It is a pleasure to write this reference as Tom and Peter patiently answered all of my queries and sorted out everything with Newcastle-on-Tyne for over 5 years, an awesome commitment for their (tax-deductible) fee.

NO PENSION – NO FEE certainly worked for me!

Eastern Ontario

It is now nearly 2010 and my wife and I have been in receipt of significant but unexpected UK pensions since 2007. I was so delighted with us receiving them so soon I had always promised myself I would record this so other ex-Brits like us could benefit – but procrastination always got in the way! However, here we are and this is what I did. As an old IBM-er I left the UK in 1979 imagining that I’d left my UK State Pension behind until I heard about BPC and contacted Tom and Peter Hewetson, who soon put me right. These guys really know the Pension scheme ins and outs backwards and did all the paperwork too! I made the recommended backpayments, which I recovered in the first FOUR MONTHS because of the mysterious Class 2 that BPC claimed for me. The bottom line is that my wife and I are now receiving, between us, £5,600 pa to add to our CPP and RRSPs. Retirement is a lot better for us because of Tom and Peter knowing how to maximize our pension for the minimum backpayments. Keep it up, guys, you’re doing a great job!

Originally from PQ

I would like to thank you again for providing your excellent service in order that my husband can collect his British pension. Although he only had 9 accumulated years, we followed your suggestion and put in payments to bring it up to the 30 years full pension rate. I must say that it was a welcome surprise to hear that although I am a Canadian citizen that has never worked or lived in the UK, I will also receive a spousal pension when I reach Pension Age.

It was a great relief not to have to go through all the bureaucracy, mostly when one would have to deal with someone in a different country. Your expertise was most appreciated. Once again thank you for your hard work.

Winn & Barry

We would just like to express our gratitude for all your help with our pension. We will be even more grateful if you would go over there and twist some arms, and get the same as all these other countries!


I have lived in Canada since 1976 after having worked in England for 8 years. In 2005 my wife and I were an ordinary middle aged couple working hard and aiming for retirement. In 2006 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and our lives changed. I could no longer work and this meant using what savings we had to survive. As far as our retirement was concerned we were worried. I receive a private disability benefit through insurance which ends upon me reaching 65 years of age. I actually wrote to British Pension Consultants to find out if I could qualify for some kind of assistance through the British Government for my disability. Unfortunately I did not but I did find out from them that for a relatively small sum of money I could play “catch up” with my missed years of National Insurance stamps. As I’m only 54 years of age I have 11 years to do the “catch up” before hitting 65. I am now able to look forward to retirement again. As my disability benefit ends it will now be replaced with my full British State Pension. My wife and I have gone from feelings of despair to ones of confidence. Thank you British Pension Consultants!

Susan M.

Thank God I went to and picked up the information I needed to claim my pension from England. People told me that I needed to go through so much red tape and that if I didn’t have all the information such as my National Insurance No: and all the relevant dates of employment it was useless to even try, and it was peanuts anyway. You didn’t seem to think it was a problem, although I was still pessimistic, but lo and behold on going to my bank one day, I found that over $8000 had been deposited to my Bank Account. Not only that, I will now receive a pension every month. This is a lifesaver for me as I am on my own. There is no way I would have been able to do this on my own. What a fantastic 62nd.birthday present. Can’t thank you enough!

Jeni & Jim

Travel often creates new experiences and chance encounters. In March 2006 my husband and I were on a flight from Toronto to London, and I was seated beside a friendly English gentleman. In conversation I learned that Tom was taking one of his regular trips to England in connection with his business of securing the best possible pensions for ex. UK residents living in Canada.

As former residents of the UK and feeling that our knowledge of British Pensions was limited at best, we got Tom Hewetson’s business card, and contacted him 2 weeks later on our return to Canada. From his years of experience, formerly working for the Pensions Department in Britain, he fully understands what the entitlements are. Most of us do not, and not surprisingly the UK Government does not make it easy to find out. The facts are well clouded in ‘red tape’ or so it would appear.

Tom has maximized what we are entitled to from our years of residing in the UK and we are certainly glad we got him involved. How fortunate and timely chance encounters can be.


Just a little note to let you know how much I appreciate your service, assistance, and the success in obtaining a pension from the U.K.

Some years ago I had applied, on my own, for a pension based on the time I lived and worked there as a young man, prior to my emigration to Canada. I was told that I had insufficient “input” to the fund and did not qualify as a recipient.

Recently I was given your name by a friend for whom you had success. After a brief meeting with you, you went to work for me and obtained a very satisfactory result with the “Pension Fund” back-dating their payment to me, to the date I was qualified to receive pension.

Thank you again for a “job well done” and I will pass your name on to friends I feel might gain from your service !


Tom Hewetson became my British Pension advisor 2 1/2 years ago. My husband had passed away and I had no idea how to proceed on my own and less idea how long this would take – thank goodness for Tom’s patience and perseverance! I had not paid back any money and had only worked in England for 4 1/2 years. I wasn’t even sure that I was entitled to any pension at all. Tom was wonderful and explained to me how we could use my late husband’s contributions, and he proceeded to do everything for me. I started to receive approx. $200 per month. After about a year Tom called me and told me that I could pay back some money in order to increase my monthly pension. This was a complete surprise to me, I thought that once in payment, a pension couldn’t be enhanced, apparently not so. I did pay some money back and now receive an additional $100 per month. It’s good having Tom on your side as he has a great deal of experience and understands the system having worked in Britain at the Pension office.

C & B

Several years ago I was in touch with the Newcastle Pension Centre in the U.K. The information they sent me from their web site indicated that I would not be eligible for a U.K. pension considering the number of years I had been in Canada. As a res ult I didn’t pursue the matter further. A friend suggested I should contact a Tom Hewetson of British Pensions Consultants Inc. situated in Toronto. She was so pleased that he had been able to secure a British pension for her. I phoned Tom and after answering a number of questions for him he felt I would qualify for a pension along with my Canadian wife. After several months of waiting my wife and I are now recipients of British pensions. I can’t thank Tom enough for all his efforts on our behalf.

Georgia, USA

I left the UK in 1971, aged 24, settled in the USA and thought no more about the 7 years work I had done there as a young girl.

In late 2006, my best friend from childhood (who lives in Canada) said I should apply for my British Retirement Pension. Her UK record was identical to mine and she had qualified. I was amazed! I contacted the company who had done this for her, British Pensions Consultants Inc. They advised me on the spot that I could qualify and and gave me payback and pension figures which were far more attractive than any investment my husband or I have been able to find in the USA. I will make all my money, plus the BPCI fee, back in just over 24 months then go on receiving my UK pension for the rest of my life. One neat little angle is that as the current UK Pension age for women is 60, there is no penalty for me taking it now rather than waiting till 66 as I would have to do for a full pension with US Social Security – this means 6 years more pension for me!

I highly recommend that any ex-Brit living in the USA thinks hard about a British Pension, and about using the service provided by British Pensions Consultants Inc, it worked for me.

John C.
Etobicoke, Ontario

I would like to thank Tom and his staff for their excellent work involving my mother’s claim. We immigrated to Canada in the early 60’s from Scotland, my father had worked about 16 years over there as a carpenter and always paid his NI stamps. He thought it would be impossible to claim after all these years but unfortunately he passed away 6 years ago. I always thought my mother was entitled to something through my dad’s contributions. Then on a visit to the British Isles Show in March of 2006 we saw Tom’s exhibit and started to discuss the possibility of making a claim. He seemed to think we had a chance and we had nothing to lose if we came up empty. Since we immigrated in the pre computer era it took Newcastle many months of searching for records. We provided Tom with all the paper work my mother had saved which proved to be priceless. After about a year and a half we had given up hope but I received a call from Tom last Thursday evening with some fantastic news, there was a large amount of money being transferred to my mother’s chequing account and she will receive a monthly cheque from Britain! Needless to say it was an awesome Father’s Day present to me and made my mother extremely happy. I strongly urge anyone who thinks they are entitled to anything to seek out Tom. Like his slogan says “WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE”.

Costa Rica

Buenos Tardes from E.C. in Costa Rica . Well my dear Tom, you certainly put the icing on my 60th birthday cake!! I received confirmation today from British Pensions confirming my monthly pensions being sent directly into my account here in Costa Rica. Tom this would have been a nightmare for me to have to deal with all the “red tape” and “hoops” I would have had to go through to make my pensions available to me. I appreciate your dedication to me in this matter and also filling out forms and taking the time to call me long distance here in Costa Rica to keep me updated on the status. Dealing with the Pensions department I am su re was a long process and a headache. I am very pleased with the results you got for me and please be assured my friends will be contacting you for you to assist them also.

Tom, it was always nice talking to you over this past 18 months and talking about the “old country” and life here in Costa Rica. I hope you will make a trip down here to see and try one of our Costa Rican beers. All the best to you!

M & A S
Perth, Ontario

(editor’s note: This is a pensioner with a sense of humour and related to what he thought HMG would pension him to afford!)

Just a line – and a cheque – to thank you again for your efforts on our behalf.

We are now enjoying a used Lear jet and a rather nice old chateau in the Loire Valley!

Welland Ontario

Thank you for your persistence and steadfast dedication in securing my British pension. I could not have done it without your expertise.

Montreal, Quebec

As I didn’t work for very long in the UK, it never entered my head that I might qualify for a British pension. Fortunately for me, a couple of friends who’d already benefited from his services were quite insistent that I contact Tom Hewetson, to find out my situation if nothing else. When I did eventually call him, what impressed me in particular was his obvious knowledge of the British pension system. To my great surprise, he even sounded fairly optimistic about my chances — though he promised nothing! And a year or so after that initial phone call, I was delighted to receive my first British pension payment My sincere thanks to you, Tom, for all your efforts on my behalf.

Brantford, Ontario

I just want to tell any British pensioners living over here to apply for British Pension if they haven’t already done so. It took a while for us to get it but we eventually did, and I am really happy about it. Believe me it works – I am proof. Many thanks again Mr Hewetson.

R.V. & S.V.
Toronto, Ontario

Now that my pension money is already flowing in, and my wife’s will follow now that her national insurance number has been allocated, we both want to thank you once again for achieving a successful outcome and commend you on your high quality of professionalism that made this possible.

Windsor, Ontario

Many thanks for all your support. I had given up on ever getting anything from British Pensions till I responded to your ad in the paper.

Dave & Ann
Windsor, Ontario

Many thanks for the great work you did for us. I recommend your services to anyone who is entitled to a UK pension, and even if you are doubtful about your entitlement, it’s worth an email, NO PENSION – NO FEE works! Once again Tom, many thanks for all your help and advice.

Richmond Hill, Ontario

Iris H.
Toronto, Ontario

I heartily reccommend British Pensions Claim Service and am delighted by the result of their efforts made on my behalf. Tom found an entitlement I did not know I had – and I would have had no idea how to claim it even if I had known! I am very grateful to him.

Sudbury, Ontario

Thank you very much for your prompt and professional assistance in negotiating the complexities of the British Pension system, and obtaining the maximum benefits for my wife and myself, which were quite unexpected. Your services are much appreciated by those of us away from the major population centres.

Sarnia, Ontario

As a British Emigrant I always assumed I had no claim on a British Pension as my wife and I thought we had withdrawn all our contributions on leaving the UK in 1969. By chance I saw an advertisement for British Pensions Consultants and contacted Tom Hewetson. He rapidly indicated that each of us had a claim to a British Pension and successfully applied on our behalf. All we had to do was provide dates of employment and a few basic documents confirming our identity. We now receive two nice monthly cheques in addition to a one time cumulative back payment. It is always a source of immense satisfaction to get something back from any government as they take so much from us. A simple phone call to Tom Hewetson could be quite profitable.

Nepean, Ontario

I would like to thank you on behalf of myself and my wife for all the hard work you did on our behalf. You acted in a very professional manner to obtain the maximum pension we were entitled to from the United Kingdom. Your advice was given in a clear and professional manner. I can without any hesitation recommend your service.

Once again thank you.

Burlington, Ontario

I am very happy to be receiving a British Pension as I had no idea that I could qualify for one, having only worked in the UK for a couple of years. At the ripe age of 60 and considering retirement in the near future, it is comforting to know that I will be getting an extra $300 per month towards my retirement income. So, again, very many thanks.

Thornhill, Ontario

Thank you very much for your tremendous effort in obtaining a British Pension for John and a spousal supplement for myself. After fifty years in Canada we had dismissed the possibility that we would even have been considered eligible for a pension, and I am quite sure we would never have pursued the matter ourselves. You are to be commended for providing such a valuable service, and we hope you will continue your good work for many more people like us.

Toronto, Ontario

In May 2004 I attended a meeting of the CABP (an excellent volunteer organization which has been fighting for British Pensions in Canada to be indexed as they are in the UK) and heard their then-Director, Tom Hewetson, talk very knowledgeably about British Pensions.

Using his company, British Pensions Consultants, I subsequently had him look into the case of my 91-year-old mother. She had never received a British Pension even though my father had served in the 1939 Battle of the River Plate and was married to her for over 30 years before he died at age 65 after their divorce.

At this time I had no expectation of anything for my mother, but not having to complete any Government forms whatsoever and Tom’s “No Pension – No Fee” slogan, impressed me as a “win-win” situation – that it seems his fee is deductible against Canadian taxes is a welcome but completely unexpected bonus!

After protracted negotiations of well over a year between Tom and the Newcastle Pensions office where he actually went to press her case, my mother received some $4000 per annum which she enjoys to this day.

I can wholeheartedly recommend British Pensions Consultants as very knowledgeable about their speciality, determined and tenacious in their negotiations, without them my mother would never have ever received a pension – we would never have known where to start!

Medic, Saskatchewan

Our own applications to receive the benefits owed to us by the british government were met with excuses and blank negativity. We resigned ourselves to the impossibility of the UK pensions ever being honoured. This was before Tom Hewetson volunteered to negotiate with the UK on our behalf. After several months of meticulous information and documentation gathering, diligence, persistence, skilful diplomacy, and sheer hard work always with cheerful optimism and humour, Tom achieved what had seemed impossible to us and would have been impossible without his exceptional services. Thank you, Thank you Tom!

George J.
Burlington, Ontario

If anyone is considering using Tom Hewetson to get their british pension I would highly recommend them to do so. Tom will get you the maximum pension at the minimum cost to you and his fees are quite reasonable I am very pleased with the work he has done for me so far and found him to be very profesional.

Janet H.
Richmond Hill, Ontario

I just wanted to write to thank you so much for making my experience with claiming my British Pension so easy! When my brother gave me your name & number, I was obviously very interested in the fact that I may be eligable for a British Pension. I must admit, it had never occured to me; I have been in Canada for almost 30 years and it never crossed my mind that I may be eligable or even entitled for this pension. After speaking with you and getting the details, I thought I would do a bit of research on the ‘web’ and see if I could ‘just do it myself’. I found the web-site for the British Government and I found the forms/instructions in order to claim my pension. Ha! how the British Government makes it so easy ……..I think not!! The forms etc were very contradictory and I couldn’t make heads ‘nor tails of it. So, I decided I would contact you once again and hire you to do the ‘leg-work’ for me and this is how it went: You explained, very clearly, how you would go about finding out what I would be entitled to (if anything) and what your fee would be.

You sent me a form, which I duly completed and returned to you.

I waited and I received a response from the British Government, which at first glance, appeared to tell me that I was not entitled to anything. Upon further scrutiny, it was realised that I was indeed entitled to a pension providing I ‘top up’ my contributions. Once I decided to do this and the appropriate details were finalized – all I had to do was wait! My application was submitted and after approximatly 3 months I received the first deposit of my British Pension into my bank account! Thank you very much Tom for all your help, I would not be receiving what is rightly mine without your help!

Dr R.H.

I was surprised to find out I might qualify for a UK Pension, but I was amazed at how quickly Mr Hewetson confirmed my eligibility for a very reasonable pension. I thoroughly recommend “British Pensions Consultants” to everyone who has ever worked in the UK. I have gladly given out his card to several nurses and a pharmacist who worked in the UK.

Lorne P.

Well everything you said is true. My bank account showed my first Pension payment from Britain. I was always taught that if something is too good to true it probably is not true. Well this time you proved me wrong.

Thank you for the service you offer. There is no way I would have even been aware of my pension rights if not for your ad in the Ottawa Citizen. Being greedy…I will now wait to see how long before my wife gets her pension.

Lorne P.

After waiting for my wifes Spousal Allowance to arrive – again a big thank you for your services. It all came to pass just as you predicted. The Pension Service has begun to deposit her pension into her account.

This was an unknown factor that I would have completely ignored if I had not used your services.


I wish to express my thanks for the work you did in procuring my pension from England. My gratitude stems from the fact that you were so accurate in predicting the amount I would receive and very thorough in ensuring this was so. It is heartening to come across such professionalism.

Sheila M.

As a woman of 62, having emigrated from England some 40 years ago and married a Canadian, it never occurred to me in my wildest dreams that I might be entitled to a British Pension.

A friend at the local Seniors club where I cook meals, told me about British Pensions Consultants as he and his wife had received completely unexpected Pensions through them and suggested I call. With the BPCI “No Pension – No Fee” policy they mentioned, I had absolutely nothing to lose, so I contacted them and received an amazing result.

Even though I didn’t have the ten years needed to qualify without paying back, because of something to do with my particular age group, not only did I receive a pension better than my CPP, I didn’t have to pay back the UK government a nickel and I got a substantial sum (more than the BPCI fee!) in arrears as well! I still don’t really understand how he did this, but Tom Hewetson certainly does – he did all the paperwork and negotiations from start to finish for me and provided me with the full UK documentation at the end.

Anyone who has workede in the UK has nothing to lose to give Tom Hewetson a call – he told me in two minutes flat that he could get me a pension but even with all his experience he was amazed at how well it all turned out for me!

Ms A. W.

This is to thank you for your seemingly effortless threading through the maze that is the British Pension system and helping me fill out the incomprehensible documentation.

Thanks to your prompt and cheerful work on my behalf I was able to claim a pension I never knew I was entitled to.

Dr George M.

I think we are all fed up with filling in Government forms, even when there may be some financial reward such as a pension. What a relief to have a conscientious Tom Hewetson, who, from working previously in the UK pensions system manages to invoke various otherwise unknown or little-known factors that I am sure gave me substantially more pension than I had calculated for myself, and he did the form filling, and persistently marshaled it through the UK system!

Kathleen S.

Dear Tom, Received first payment today. It took a while, but you prevailed! It is only due to your due diligence and great tenacity that I am now receiving a pension. So thank you very much. Please find enclosed a cheque in full payment of your fee which is richly deserved. Be sure that I will promote your service at every opportunity. Nothing resonates with people as much as a success story!

Ken & Kathy H.

To Every Would-Be British Pensioner

A year ago, our UK pensions situation was pretty bleak. My husband seemed likely to receive only about $200 per month after eleven years of working in the UK, and my own claim had been formally rejected.

Now, my husband will receive $9,325 per year after “topping up” at a low-cost rate, and I will be receiving $3500 per year. This is more than the CPP we paid into for decades. The difference? I found Tom Hewetson a unique ex Newcastle Pensions Officer who explained the whole issue in simple English and related the regulations to our own circumstances.

Tom handled the entire operation for us. He did all the paperwork, he made our claims for us, he had my rejection overruled and won me arrears. This meant I received a pension but paid nothing back and also received a large sum from Newcastle. He had my husbands annual back payment rate reduced from 350 pounds to 106 pounds and got his back payments spread over four years. He explained the wonderful survivor benefits and how these apply both ways, whichever of us goes first.

We are so grateful for what Tom has done for us and his fee was paid back many times over by the improvement in our pension income.

If you are at all concerned about claiming a pension from the UK I recommend you contact Tom Hewetson. He certainly knows his pensions stuff backwards and forwards and I love his slogan “NO PENSION, NO FEE”.

Bob A,

Having emigrated from England some 43 years ago, it never occurred to me that I might be entitled to a UK pension.

A friend told me about British Pensions Consultants Inc. and their “No Pension, No Fee” policy. Having nothing to lose I contacted them and received a very pleasant surprise.

Not only was I entitled to a pension but the pay back period, covering the buy-back of the pension and the consultant’s fee, was so short that I would have to be crazy not to take it up. I have already started to receive direct deposits to my bank account here in Canada.

Anyone who has worked in the UK, no matter when or for how long, would be wise to look into the service provided by British Pensions Consultants Inc.

Mary L.
Niagara Falls

In the spring of 2005 I inquired about my British Pension from the Pension Service in Britain. They told me that I didn’t qualify because I had only worked for 5 years in Scotland. I was disappointed because I had heard that others had collected some pension.

In the summer of 2005 I saw an advertisement in the local newspaper from British Pensions Consultants Inc. stating that if you are under 60/65 and worked as little as 2 years in the UK a pension could be obtained and they would charge a fee only if you could obtain the pension. What could I lose? I called and Tom Hewetson was very knowledgeable about the UK pension plan. He asked some questions and told me that I should be able to obtain a pension. Forms were sent to me from Tom, I filled them out and sent them back to his office and Tom did the rest of the work for me.

I had to pay back into the plan because I had only worked 5 years and a commission was charged by British Pensions Consultants Inc., which was well worth the money spent. I now have turned 60 and my first pension check has been installed in my bank account. I am receiving 33% more than my girlfriend who worked the same time as me, but did her own work with the UK Pension. I believe that because of Tom Hewetson and British Pensions Consultants Inc., I have received the maximum that I was entitled to. With the initial output of cash to pay back into the plan and the commission to Tom, I feel that in 1½ years I will make up the money.

Thank you Tom and British Pensions Consultants Inc. for your knowledge, kindness and professional help.

Mary W.

Dear Tom,

I want to thank you so much for all the extraordinary help you have given me over the past many months. I am truly amazed at what you have accomplished, and very honoured to be the subject of your first successful appeal. As you know only too well, I would simply not have been able to battle away on my own behalf. And now to have the comfort of knowing that I will be able to manage better is a great relief.

I may never understand all the facts and figures presented by the Newcastle people, but I am content that you found their reasoning acceptable. Even though you thought we ‘could do better’ going forward, I am happy to have the assurance of the weekly amount, which is a far cry from the previous situation.

Congratulations on your success and thanks again for all your encouragement and help.

Patricia M.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a divorced woman who only worked in the UK for approximately 6 years. Based on this fact, I did not even consider applying for a UK pension until a good friend recommended that I talk with Tom Hewetson.

After discussing my situation with Tom, he explained that I would indeed qualify for a UK pension based on my former husband’s insurance contributions during the time we were married. Tom took on my case, and did all the negotiations with the UK Pension Department for me and the end result, to my delight, was that within a very short time I started receiving regular monthly pension payments. Since I am retiring from the Canadian work force shortly, this UK pension does of course give me added security for the upcoming years.

I am very impressed with Tom’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the UK pension system, and would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering applying for a pension.

Alex & Carol
Chateaugay, Quebec

Dear Tom and Peter,

Carol and I would like to thank you both for all the hard work you have done getting our pensions for us.
After seeing a little of what you went through getting them we realized that we would never have got them on our own. We would recommend your company, and have done so, to anyone who wants to get their pensions from England Once again, a big thank you and we wish you every success for the future.

Mrs RB,
Stow, Ohio USA

Dear Tom,

Received your package today I can’t thank you enough for all the hard
work and effort you have put forth over the last 2 years. I would never have believed it possible for me to get a pension from the UK and I never would have had it not been for your perseverance.Thank you so

Lively, Ont

Dear Tom,

I would like to thank you for all your help regarding my own, and my mother’s pension. Without your help we wouldn’t have had the patience, or sufficient knowledge of the British Pension system to complete the process.

My mother, who is 87, received cash and a monthly pension far above the amount she was expecting.
Your “No Pension – No Fee” statement underscores your straightforward and professional attitude, I always felt I was dealing with an old friend.

Thanks again Tom.

George S
Mississauga, On

A man still under 60 who left Britain nearly 30 years ago, can pay back and forward several years’ contributions so he and his wife will receive over $10,000 annually at 65 and for the rest of their lives. If he dies first, his widow will inherit his pension of over $6,000 annually.

In his own words, This is found money, thank you very much!”


Born in Canada 58 years ago, paid only 4 years’ contributions in the UK before returning to Canada where she divorced her British husband. She can pay back and forward, and will receive over $5,000 annually at 60 in a “blended” pension. This is partly based on her contributions as above, but very largely on the contribution record of her British ex-husband who has no say in this.

Her delighted comment? It never occurred to me that I could get a British Pension!