British Pensions Consultants

No Pension - No Fee

As a ten-year-veteran of the Newcastle Pensions Office, I can safely say that the British scheme is one of the most complex in the world.

Today, the 3 different sets of pensions regulations that can apply to your claim have significantly different qualifying terms and conditions. These determine if you can receive a pension, and how much it will be.

This is absolutely critical knowledge, which will dramatically affect your income in retirement.

When faced by a situation that will affect my income for the rest of my life, I invariably employ the best possible service I can find. I look for a dedicated specialist in that specific field, ideally trained or employed by the organization involved – someone with a documented track record and who guarantees the success of his work.

BPCI has been supplying exactly this service since 2004. By far the majority of our 2,000+ clients come to us by word-of-mouth. In addition, in our Testimonials section, we have over 250 references from satisfied clients all over the world.