British Pensions Consultants

No Pension - No Fee

I’m Tom Hewetson, owner of British Pensions Consultants. My experience with UK pensions goes back a long way; when I was a young man I worked in the British Pensions Office for a full ten years.

Despite this extensive experience, I found the process extremely time consuming when I applied for my UK pension six years ago. When my paperwork came back, it showed that I would get much less than I knew was correct. Then, not long afterwards, the same thing happened to my wife!

After persisting through months of back-and-forth with the Pensions office in the UK I did eventually sort them both out and brought our four-weekly pension amounts back up to where I knew they belonged.

I realized that this process must be even more difficult for people with no experience, so I started to investigate. I found that the pension website doesn’t provide the information you need to make the highest claim possible – and the booklets available from the UK don’t cover all eventualities clearly.

Shortly thereafter, I started to help my friends get their pensions too. After a year or so, my son Peter joined me. Now, six years on we have processed thousands of pension claims between us. We make claims for people who have tried unsuccessfully to apply online, found the paperwork too complex or time consuming, didn’t know if it would be worthwhile (it invariably is!) or just wanted to be completely confident that they receive the best pension to which they are legally entitled.

Together we find it incredibly satisfying to help people get their full legal entitlement. After all, in today’s tough times it behooves us to all be sure to get the best UK pensions we legally can – we paid in for them!