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No Pension - No Fee

Can I qualify for a Basic State Pension?
Each case is individual, but for a plain YES or NO, call by phone or email.
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How can I make a claim?
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When can I start receiving my BSP?
BSPs are payable from published State Pension Ages, never earlier.
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Can I make top-ups?
Yes, but each case is individual.

Are they worthwhile?
In our experience of 2,000+ cases in the last 12 years we have found that their Return on Investment is far better than any secure investment commercially available today. We recommend ALL of our clients place our projections before their own financial advisors for their qualified opinion. We have never had even one turned down as a poor investment.

Unlike the risky and speculative stock market schemes currently available in RRSPs, this is a “Defined Benefit” Return guaranteed by a major Government. I am not aware of any more secure investment worldwide.

Why should I pay you a fee to make my claim?
Likely the same reason you pay specialists to fix your car, reprogram your computer, and do your taxes and estate planning. These complex functions require well-trained and knowledgeable personnel.

Just like those organizations, BPCI has been trained in-house and by decades of experience to successfully make Pension claims for thousands of claimants, and we offer the unbeatable ‘No Pension — No Fee’ guarantee.

How can I be sure that my BSP is correct?
If you do it yourself, you have to accept the word of the clerk in the Department for Work and Pensions. While they are trained in-house, their ever increasing volume of work leads to occasional problems…problems which require active intervention to resolve.

Having an expert on your side who can identify these issues and take the necessary steps to address them is invaluable.

BPCI separately checks the pension rates, number of years, and award dates for each and every claim.

We make sure that errors are corrected.