British Pensions Consultants

No Pension - No Fee

Can you qualify?

Today there are 3 significantly different sets of regulations, depending on your date of birth, and the number of years you worked in the UK after age 16.

When you tell us your date of birth and years of post-age-16 UK work, by phone or email, we refer to these and advise you immediately if you can qualify.

If you do not qualify, we will advise you, at no charge, of the reasons. Many people have wondered about this for a long time and are relieved to know that they can finally close off this issue that the DWP clerks do not have the time to explain.

If you can qualify, you are free to make your own claim on the regular 20-page IPC-BR1 if you feel comfortable doing so. You have our very best wishes.

Alternatively, we offer you our service and explain our fee structures. Essentially, on signing our ‘No Pension – No Fee’ Agreement and Authority Forms, you never have to obtain or complete any Pensions Claim form, or speak to or write to Newcastle. That is our job.

For every BPCI full-service claimant, we make your entire claim, we communicate with Newcastle on your behalf, and send on to them top-up payments. We discuss with you and advise you of everything we do on your behalf. We negotiate on your behalf until your pension is actually in payment to you at SPA when our final bill is due and payable. We have several clients who have been with us over ten years.

You should be aware that the original State Pension Ages [65 men/60 women] are gradually being modified until men and women reach SPA at age 66, when all age changes will be the same for everyone (until the next change!)